Sneaking Out | Lele Pons

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Lele Pons
THANK YOU FOR WATCHING!!!!!!! What was your favorite part??
London Otine
Lalala I am just a big fan of you
Andy t
I love you lele😍 because you are so clever and funny . And i l'm greek 😋
Fili Filippa
I don't like that little girl
Jonathan Ruiz
larry potter
Judging by Lele's Hispanic accent, except for the mother, I'd say the whole family is adopted.
Hope Prosser
Lele you are the best
Lps Heartpaws
Her sister and little sister made me SOOOOOOOOO MAD 😡😡😡😡
Hannah Dunn
That sums up my life.
Thang Mang
Oh and also my favorite part to is when those boys are asleep you woke them up and they said where are you going and they started to attacked you hahahahahahahahahahahhah!
Nicole Hernandez
My favorite part was about your getting grounded
Marwa Mehrpoor
"Lele do your homeworl" XD
Everything with Ail
Omg her family was sooo cute being all OVERPROTECTIVE
Kerstin Wooten
You are so cute
Ajhanique Epati McPherson
azeez shaik
I want crazy girlfriend like her
Ramon Zapata
Like it give a like
Unicorn_ Planet
Who else is watching this video with shoes on? 💙 Comment what shoe brand you are wearing. Mine? Converse for life🔥 Like if you love Converse
Henry Su
So good oh my gawd
Liv Ross
The ending shout though 😂😂😂😂😂
Melanie Hernandez
Mia the gamer 15
Where’s twan???
Sim Sum Unimellow Queen
Aww the fluffy dino is so cute. He is a gr8 friend isnt he
Cambiando Mi vida
Eres latina igual que yo
Lps Isabelle
This was my first video I ever saw by Lele. I have no idea how I got to her. •-•
Derek Palmeri
Your awesome Lele
Sarah Mouloud
Wth? Lele mom is with her father but she just broke up with a boy wth?
Duda _ly
Põe legenda em português
Teagan Bradley
Who’s watching this with no socks on,?💘
Bella Rose
This is halourious
Alexis Torres
Emmanuel Mbah
You are awesome
This is cringey
boy K Pepe
those two boys were damn
Their Perfect Meal
whos the long haired buff brother?
Elda Joseph
I love you 🍸💖💖
Ben Myers
ur CUTE!
Willow Turnbull
I have that same choker
Maisie and olivia
Not nays
maidel garcia
am from cuba my aunt is from venezuela
diana msp girl
Brienna's World
Is Twan ur brother
Thao Linda
Funny actually lele pons love it
Ava Gaidos
I would punch that little girl
William Ulff-Møller
Lele is so prettyyyyyyyyyyyy
Jose Sanchez
ily 😂
Aaron Boettger
Hahaha thats was so funny
Great video! Nice comedy writing. Good one. You gotta pay attention to every detail on Lele Pons videos because she just suddenly comes up with the most unexpected twist. But it worked.
MOMO hassan
Your adopted
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