Mindless Program
Looks really fucking easy, I could do that on a damn penny board and I suck at skating.
Damn, she's hot.
Richard Olog
My dream girl😍😂
Oh that’s dope...

(Singing dope while I watch her being AWESOME
But she can't play me a game of skate
0/10 - IGN
I wish that longboard was me
Achy ka
you can jump and dance on a long board if youre 40kg but damn my fat ass is 60kg either the board is breaking of my bones
just another cool thing I'll never be able to do :(
sdq sdq
if a dude does this, he deserve a slap on his face , lol
Sabre Tooth Kid
I can do a few tricks as I have a longboard myself
nur Azyharina
The best video and amazing. Not easy to do but not impossible.
nur Azyharina
The best video and amazing. Not easy to do but not impossible.
nur Azyharina
The best video and amazing. Not easy to do but not impossible.Proud of you.
nur Azyharina
The best video and amazing. Not easy to do but not impossible.Proud of you.
What type of longboard does she use? Or brand?
Longboard:a board so long you can walk on it.
Blen Rahlan
I want to know ALL of the song names played in the background :D
Gracia Holly Hutama
me: what the hell is that?
Ecoli ESRein
this is so stupid, she was just Peter planning and mabye a couple of crossovers the shot I can do is better guess I could be famous in Korea for simple basic foot moments on a board, and I can do a kick flip on my 48in sector 9, and I grind and shred as much as a regular storyboard and fyi, it's not a longobard and skateboard, it's short and long, why the neck would a long board which I the same thing as a short board gets it own category? it's still a skateboard just long longer like holy crap who is that ignorant?!?!?!!??!?!
rin thunith
the song at the end of the video is fabulous....anyone knows the name?
Thabang Sithebe
Who knows the song at 1:09

Does anyone know what type of longboard that is?
Grey Hand
I wouldn't ride so close to that river, epecially near that bridge. That's where the monster lair is.
She's so cool!!
omori girl
Feitan Phantom
what kind of longboard does she have?
Lily Magana
I wish I could do this. I can't board and I can't dance so that'll never happen. She makes it looks so damn easy!
Irem Kocagoz
omg she was in the together music videooo
Lilli Emmer
What longboard is she using?❤️
H. Love
cool! 😎
Jeffery been in amurica for 4 years
I wish she made tutorials of how to balance on the longboard while dancing
Bonnie Ra
like a professional ballerina on a deck
Dutert Dutert
Great, I love to see youth following their dreams.
Ervin Andallo
thank Hawaii for that
Beyond Antares
does anyone know the song playing at 1:09
*Ow, my dick*
I can't imagine her falling off that longboard....😄😄
Angel derp
never seen someone ride a long board basically the size of their body
2-inch Grass
this.crap isn't skating bitch this is some poser shit here
Jigi Hendrix
Life's too short to ride a longboard....
john ray arroyo
Yes! The sense of freedom...
Roger Alcalde
all of you guys on here saying you'd fall off or can say you would never be able to do that are completely wrong. For one falling is part of it. Think of it as a metaphor for life. i mean if you dont fall youll never know what getting up is like. Also dont say you can't do this. Dont get me wrong doing what shes doing will require alot of practise but youll never get the same feeling anywhere else except riding on a skateboard of some sort. You dont need to be good to experience that. Its an experience you should definitely consider trying.
Ike Zhang
sadly there's no good place where you can just try and skate and not be made fun of
Ivan Morales.
Anyone know the name of the beat at 0:33
Shaina Cortez
I like her, but I love this girl more https://youtu.be/zn-vNnK-ju8 cause she was the first girl and person I ever saw do this, but it doesn't matter who came first or last
Synthra Official
Why so many dislikes? So many salty haters XD
Omygosh I wanna be like her
Vegan Euphoria
S.Korea looks amazing
Ali Shams-Lau
Does anyone know what the music track is at minute 1:10?
Apple Pie
Jed Teng
riding everday,so free,yet still have money to buy clothes,how they do that?...
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