10 Really Weird But True Things about Call of Duty: WWII

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Activison paired up with Sledgehammer Games to deliver a return to basics in a Call of Duty title that will feature iconic battles from World War II, as well as other new and exciting features. The futuristic theme from recent games has ben abandoned and it seems that we’re in for a realistic history lesson that will make us feel immersed in the second world war.

Narrator: Davide Arbisi

What about the horrid German in the trailer?
This game makes allies look awesome I have no clue wtf this asshole is referring to. Also dehumanizing the nazis was an important part of the game it showed how Armies begin to hate their enemy personally and shows the whole survival of the fittest theory
How is this different from the previous COD WWII games? Other than the bayonet and gas grenades they ripped from BF1?
Pickle Rick
It’s sad that the stamina thing and the health thing is more realistic than BF1
demas ardra
15 things i hate about Call of Duty WWII
1.Black soldiers
2.Nazi women soldiers
3.doesnt make the censor version(seriously if Sledgehammer want to sell Call of Duty WWII in German why not they make the censored version? like in Wolfenstein 2 The New Collosus?)
4.Lewis(only used in WW1)
5.MG15(only used for Luftwaffe gunner gun)
6.doesnt have Soviet Union,British,Italian,Imperial Japan side
7.fiction weapons
8.fiction attachment
9.care package
11.wrong reload animation
12.doesnt have vehicle
13.Molotov as scorestreak
14.Flamethrower as scorestreak
15.gamemodes that doesnt fit to Call of Duty WWII (come on playing hardpoint in ww2 game is boring)
Ramiere Washington
You literally play as a German officer in the third level of the game check Your sources
Gabe Newell
femenism sucks
Gabe Newell
historical lesson? black woman fighting for nazi?Hm kids who play this game, know who attack berlin?
Michal Dvořák
God i so hope this game flops horribly
Kevin Solorzano
Good video, however everything is practically basic knowledge in this video.
your nightmare
November 3rd? That’s tomorrow
I like how people instantly are hating the game because "women soldiers" and "Kar98 reload"
How does that make a game good? I could care less about those little things because they do not affect gameplay, I would care if it was a serious issue, its not though so stop making such a big deal of it
Imaginary Armageton
The game is released tomorow
Reece Patto
When did we allow politically correct rules to rewrite history.
You Are Dumb Yes You Are
people have been posting the campaign but they their videos have been banned from the third party
Darcy Grover
Fuck no we don't need to play as a female character in call of Duty ww2
Viral VorteX
Cod has become a joke
Donald J. Trump
Don't demonize Nazis.

Nazi Zombies
Can't believe people still fall for the call of duty bullshit they are selling
Floppy Linguine
Call of duty has gone way too soft, actually no wait, the whole world has gone too soft
Sledgehammer has a shot 1st die 1st pronlem . beta proved it big time i hope the fixed it
At least bf1 doesn’t have women and bf1 is accurate because black males did fight as there were the Harlem hellfighters but women surely I mean if they were Russian that makes sense or polish as women thought in them army and yhea the hype is gone it’s like having a Jewish hitler
Black 1939
first reaction :
Rage Filled
Wow can't wait for this game ME kills some body as a nazi ENEMY this mother f#cker racist
Donivan Demanowski
The first 22 seconds of this video are complete bullshit. I wonder who's dick he sucked? maybe it was Activision? or was it sledgehammer?
Meister Geek
There should be no female characters in C.O.D WWII it was fought by our grandfathers and great grandfathers. They should not be pushed aside by SJW's being little bitches. We should honor those who fought for us not push them aside
COD: WWII: The game that wanted to be a better DoI.

P.S. It failed.

P.P.S. This is an opinion and I know you won't care, yes you, die-hard COD fanboy writing an angry comment right this very moment.

P.P.S.H. BANG Fanboy down, we'll get 'em next time.
Hugh Mongus
They should let you play as a female Russian sniper if they want gender equality and it really isn't fair that you cannot play as the axis forces
Hugh Mongus
I can name 2 the P08 Luger having a drum and M1 having a BAR box mag however in real life was only a prototype by Winchester
Bass Cacho
AHHHH CRAP! I will have a hard time in campaign without health regeneration CRAAAAAP!
1:11 OOF
Yes because the game having zombies is really weird... more like u ran out of things to put on ur list
Deepak bisht
Why not sniper elite 4
Mateusz Ćwikliński
11. Cod sucks :)
Adinan Cenci
3:08 uhumm...
So in short, its been in development for 3 years but its still gonna be steaming pile of crap???
NiceN ́Easy
Ladies and gentleman... Wait until Hell Let Loose comes out. It will beat CoD ass!
you forgot that call of duty ww2 has a gun THAT DOESN'T EVEN EXIST lol
WarFox Rommel
3rd Wave feminism is all bullshit
Sooooo... cod wants to be bf.
So you will be able to play like black nazi womans...
Dice should make battlefield 2 like world war 2 game or make battlefield 1 open up to world war 2 weapons on those maps at that time period so they don't mix so on a world war 2 weapon they wouldn't be in a world war 1 map what do you think?
itzzz_je T
At 1:12 rest in peace
Gunold Dump
Why does it have gas? Did the black jew feminist fighter bring them from a concernation camp?
Chris Nagoya
Someone get an oxygen tank for this dude
Skylar Weinstein
They cut all the history out of a historical game WTF!!!
Fuck you and fuck this dumb ass, pandering and otherwise patronising video on a dumb ass, pandering and otherwise patronising game.
Bull to the shit! this is a fast past shota so sprinting is important. its not realistic
In the multiplayer you can play as a black woman in the nazi army... 110% historically correct.
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