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Also, do you think the parallel universe theories have any truth in them? Can it be a reality!? Comment down below, would love to hear!
Nitin Soni
Great video
Ajeeb Universe
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Faisal Khan
Sahi hai ho sakta hai bicol
Rohit Randhawa
thank you for replying me, you can add your sources under each video, it will be helpful for everone.i like your videos a lot.It's just my personal suggestion. rest is upto you. thank you. :-)
Anish pradeep Mene
Bro why do not make white hole
ashu dubey
Scientist einstein ke theory ko quantam science se satisfied kr ke black hole me jane ke liye kuch theories bana re hai
Awara gangstar
Truth Facts
Yohoo i don't know about it bro thanks for this video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜Š
Udayan Ray
great video
Priyanka Thakur
Loved it
Amarsingh Bogati
Please make vid on 11 dimension
Pavitter Singh
Good video
Rohit Randhawa
please give references also from where you get this info and it will authenticate your video and give chances to people to do further research
ranjana phuyal
great I don't think that bubble theory is true bt may be I want to see more about it
Indranil Nag
agar hamare jaise aur bhi universes hai aur un universes me har tarah ki ghatnaye ghat rhi hai then it is also possible that they have proved these theories and they have already knew about our universe....?
Ht gautam
Sir ...iis desh ko aap jaise logo ki jarurat hai. I love you sir. Really
Jatin Navlani
Great sir..
The Social Trends
Hey Bro , from where do you get these footages that you use in your videos?.Plzz answer..
Btw love your videos..:)
Devraj Pandey
think so
Gopal Das
It's just theory
Anurag Kumar
Amazing watching this video๐Ÿ˜Šโ˜บ
Aman Technical World
Nice Video
CHaltE CHaltE
Bhai kya aisa ho skta h ki koi human apne dimg ka 10% unlck kr de aur universe k bare m clr kr paye aise thoughts itna human mind enough hoga!
And I believe in bubble theory ๐Ÿ˜Š
Anand Karn
Parallel universe is not possible, but according to me parallel dimensions is possible. But iske liye aapko mirror concept ko samajhna hoga and thoda humans brain ko bhi. Iske baad ye theory aapko samajh aa jayegi.
Salman Ali
Is vdo ko dekny k baad ma koch nhi bolna chata seway
I love you bro k ๐Ÿ‘
sbs tiwari
thank you for giving my comment a like
kundan kumar
I want more interesting about space.
Ravi Chandra
What a great video
Zia Manzar Musthafa
I don't know
nitin tooper
oh my god !
Rahul kumar sharma
Kya video thi yar dimag Hilla dala....
Sudheer Kumar
Bhai ji
Sonu Thakur
Nice video
Akshay Suthar
there are no any universe there are only life One day Science will also consider it
Akshay Suthar
there are no any universe there are only life one day
FRK Azad
Ofcourse hoga
mozaffar iqbal
Nice video
Mehdi Raza
Nyc voice
Dhruvi Agrawal
dheeraj kumar
Ur all videos are awesome
Aparna More
Very nice video
ALL Typ Of Videos
i like ur voice bro
Mukesh Das
mangal to Darti call
Indian facts & Mysteries
Ajay nishad
chฮฑnnั”l ั•ั”ttรญngั•
Bharat Gandotra
Use simple language
Jignesh Maniya
Good video but last sentence was wrong that
Physics vigyan he philosophy nahi.
I am physics Lecturer and am disagree with this sentence
Gaurav Singh Bhaskar
Very Nice Video ...........i Like video..:)
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