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Call of Duty: World War 2 (COD WW2) is officially the COD coming this year, 2017. Call of Duty: WW2 will be made by Sledghammer Games, the same studio that made COD: Advanced Warfare. The game is set to be "boots on the ground", meaning no boost-jumps! 

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Joe Darling
if you like battlefield 1 then guy buy it and quit complaining about something else that is irrelevant. your titled to your opinion but go have your opinion elsewhere
Does any1 remember the bo2 ps3 days I loved bo2 #Bring Bo2 back on ps4
C Brown
I love your videos
Rhylee Davie
hat plz
Plz plz
sub to me and ill sub back!
Noah Murphy
Didn’t realize who made this video until I heard the voice. Haven’t seen your videos in a while. Great video. Will watch more
good vid. and plz let me win(:
Jeremy Loera
Hey bro what’s your gamer tag??
Loghan Obrien
I want hat
Stephen Blair
I see now why they say liberals are ruining video games.
Ezekiel Delagrande
I want to win the hat
I want a haaaaaattttttt plz
Shelly Schaffner
Pls give me the hat I liked your vid
Maddox Rae
I want the hat I barely have any hats
Ezequiel Vazquez
Take the COD black ops mechanics and implement them in every COD game, and you have a winner...
Sim Vdp
I would love to have that hat
Jet SkettyBeans
I really hope the quick scoping-trick shotting-morons don’t come in to this game... plz no.
Marlee Smith
I would love to have a hat
Erika Ellis
What map is that I want it
vivian Frankford
At this rate, it will be the year 2456 and, alas, we'll still be playing WWII games. The Great War was tragic practically, interesting historically, and fruitful for video games (and movies); but the mine has no more gold—board up the entrance, and put the miners to work extracting a different resource.
Why don't shut up and let me watch the video
I disliked this video because you camp.
Alex Wolfe
Man he's good at sniper shots
Brandon money
I want that hat
Dianette Rodriguez
i want to win
Jesus Cervantes
3:44 sounds like goku and WOMEN DID FOUGHT IN THIS WAR
Ritik vyas
I really want to win the hat as I'm big fan of cod and I'm playing cod from psp and now ps4
Mild Turkey
Dear COD, I will forgive you for no swastikas if you added fallshirmjäger troops
When will they ever make a truly realistic great WW 2 game again wtf?! more garbage COD for 12 year olds with 85 IQ's COD pls die already!! give us something great again!
Andrew Bird
same old linear play! different map. Show me the spitfires and I am IN.
Devin C
For the sections or what ever. Can you pick one and your stuck with it??
Sebastian Rauland
I GOT IT today
nightwing1004 minecraft
I want a hat plzz
Jesse Johan
I wish they would have just made advanced warfare 2 instead of ww2....There is already way too many ww2 games made...
Leave a like if you still play bo2 every day😂 cuz I do
All bullshit aside, this looks like BF1 with the difficulty and graphics turned down...
Immersion. levels... slowly dec....reeaasing.
Blade Jerry
please visit my channel i drop every day a new video :D sry for advertisingxD
jason schlick
This game looks so pathetic. “TAG! Your it!”. Cod 1,2 and maybe 3 were the last good call of duty’s. 1 & 2 allied assault. The best. Cod nower days is like watching a animal hit by a car flop around til it finally crokes.
XboxLORD29 Kaplan Jr.
I want that game so bad
Rylan Gutowski
i want that hat
Jeffrey Schreurs
can we please stop praising this half assed re-skin of a much better game? (talking about MW here)
this franchise needs to die out, it's passed it's prime a long time ago, and just trying to revive it non-stop is a waste of creative talent.
jake southall
i vant to vin the hat
Christian Larson
4:37 that PREFIRE THO! Damn
j game felipeiper
Prefiro BF1
Women in WORLD WAR 2... LOL... The developers are morons.
Gamer Tag GT
Give me a view on my video COD gameplay plz
Pizza Van
9 mill subscribers why don't you give away the game?
Tbizzle Inc
trash this gameplay was trash, this game is trash,. battlefield is blowing this garbage out the water
Manuel CR7
id like the hat please
Jersey Video games
I wish that this was the game sledge hammer made instead of aw
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