hacked# RAWRXD
How the he'll did he manage to get her pregnant .
LuLu love anime
Just stop eating duh😂😂😂
Kealohi VictorineSimpson
Heather Weaver
If u get to fat you can die because ur heart can't reach your hole body and can breath!
Awsten Knight
people who are bashing her chill out! she's losing it. getting healthy
jackie deleon
so you mean he actually slept with that? 😐
Ole borrego
Ni han de poder hacer el amor xd bien, poses bien culeras
Ben Middleton
Shabir Nabi
Slaps the flab at 3:13
Heather Weaver
WTH I don't like being fat and so either I would get crushed b y her and sometimes you can be so fat that your heart can't reach ur whole body and you can die and sometimes people will stare sorry if I'm being rude ;-;
kiwi17 ben
Erin Brooks
I’m glad she got a wake up call
Robloxian Panda
Did she have the baby!?
Bubble Girl
I can stop imagining how she made the baby!!!😭😭😭😭
Jenna Nunley
How did she become pregnant??(yeah I understand how it happens, but how?)
J Vocals
Why would you purposely want to do that to your health just to be the biggest woman in the world?
Lauren Pruett
And I can’t even get a call back!
PlsDont TeabagMe
That baby is going to either die, or have extremely debilitating health conditions throughout their life. Even being a little overweight is bad for a babies health. This is disgusting, I cannot believe they are doing this to their child. It’s no wonder why she had two miscarriages already, just cause she’s too selfish and greedy and can’t stop eating she is actively allowing poor little babies not to have a chance at life.
Alena Gallagher
I’m officially done with YouTube
Armando Garcia
Holy hell, this couple should NOT ever have kids. They are both sick people.
Nan Ding
Good job
Jesus Loves You
Meat, makes people fat.. Not Junk food. Go Vegetarian.
Jesus Loves You
Go Vegetarian
Yahaira Oralia
Can we get an update, I watch this the day after the baby was due lmao
She's making herself a liability for others and she will never run around with her kids at this rate....almost like a form of suicide...
Nasty Millenial
Being that obese while pregnant is as criminal as drinking or doing drugs... Jesus no wonder they miscarried twice already
Erika Laurito
watching this vid on her due date
Yea boi
Yea boi
UMMMMMMM can somebody please tell me how they had sex
Promise Patterson
I'm glad that she's trying to lose weight now for her baby, but now I have to ask the question, why didn't she started getting healthy when she found out she was pregnant with the other babies that she lost? Why did it take two miscarriages for her to finally decide after finding out she was pregnant again that she needed to lose weight? Say what you want about them being cute or her being brave and strong for her baby, but I think both her and her fat fetishizing enabler are both immature for not doing this sooner.
Logan Jurecka
Today is November 18
toba thene
Lol I'm watching on November 18 and wanna know is the baby ok lol
Disgusting pig.
Christina _davon
Today's November 18
Rob Tro
Disgusting. Makes me puke.
00 Theyoungestmiddles
I’m watching this on November 18
charvi kiranya
great husband
br549 Lyfld
so did she have a baby or what up date pleaseeee
br549 Lyfld
fat women do it doggy style lmaof woof woof................
Hailey H
Princess Muchrison
Damn shame I'm pissed. So bye
Fancyfree See
I'm super grateful she changed her mind and now wants to be healthy & weigh less. I hope she makes it, I'd love to hear down the road that she is running around playing with her child & husband. Props to the husband for loving her as "a whole person". Mad respect all around.
Kit Kat
It's November 16th 2017😰

Probably already pasted
Nawaz Amin
her as a live
Nawaz Amin
i want to see
Betsy Gatzman
I’m like a 1/4 her size and haven’t been laid in two years and she’s pregnant 😂😂😂
Paulas_ Dreamhorses_
Fette kuh
Nobody Knows me
I don't think she can have the baby, it's probably going to die before birth since she is so overweight
Ummi88 Ummi88
simple way to loose weight is..don't be lazy ..
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