Manchester Attack: What They're NOT Telling You

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Which is more important - not hurting Muslims' feelings, or our children being blown up?

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Paul Joseph Watson
Parents of suicide bomber Salman Abedi were Libyan refugees.

UK gave them sanctuary.

They gave us Salman.
I love how you read comments in funny voice
Shubham Kumar
to stop radicalization of one society another has to become radical or else who is not been radicalized will end..just look at the history...this is how ethnic groups come to end...
john smith
God this bloke talks shit
Jasper May
Dear people, nobody died in Manchester. Mr. Watson is controlled opposition. He even maintains that people actually died at Sandy Hook, one of the most shamefully incompetent hoaxes ever. Please keep investigating.
Truth Hurts
Islam must be killed off, all of it.
Don't worry white devils you won't have to live with Muslims, Asians, Blacks,
Latins, and Intelligent Life for too much longer. Your vulgar comments, racial
slurs, and hate speech are speeding up the white genocide. Enjoy Hell
sub-human scum. :)
I didn't even know that happened (USA). ...but of course we wouldn't with our media outlets.
It's just a matter of time before at least one of these practicing muslims decide to blow themselves up in a crowd of people celebrating carnival. They are already in the Caribbean.
Amitabha Mukherjee
You killed us massacaring us raping our girls with the hands of muzzies. Now it is your turn to face it. I have no sympathy for you guys.
James Carson
How many more? How many more children need to be blown up while watching their idol sing? How many more civilians need to be ran over while shopping? How many more policemen and policewomen need to be stabbed while just doing their job? How many more incidents like this need to happen before the government gets it through their thick skull that all these problems are happening because of Islam? Because it's gotten to the point where I'm afraid to leave my own house in fear of a terrorist attack happening. I'm scared my 5 year old brother will grow up in a world where things like these have become commonplace. I'm scared my parents will get killed whilst doing their jobs. And most of all, I'm scared for the children being radicalised into thinking stuff like this is anything other than a cowardly attack on innocents. This needs to be fixed, now.
sam ali
Okay yer sure try saying that about Iraq Syria Oo there lives don't matter like grenfield you utter moron....
Obviously islam is completely incapable of creating a safe stable culture to promote enterprise, mush less safety. It is a complete and utter failure and always has been, and always will be.
boy i cant wait having to seek Asylum in Poland 10 years from now
Vitthal Shewale
you can't stop terrorist attacks until u find thier religion so stop talking abt secularism.
Sam Michael
Quran said kill or fight everyone untill they become muslim the Quran you have in Eourpe is not the same meaning like arabic Quran , it said kill all infidels because they are the enomy of Allah oh racist i m not write racist if you want to see real reacist go to middel east and Arab countries and watch what musilm doing against non muslim and christian ex . Egypt 108 churches burn dowen 4 churches exploaed and hundret's of christins killed just because they are christian no other reason , one month ago 29 Egyptian christian child killed in buss go trip to claster in upper egypt Iraq the same accidentshappens , Pakistan burn women alive because they said she islut Quran
X Mango x Msp 127
Not all Muslims are terrorists because I am a Muslim but not a Terrorist its the OTHER Muslims that represent the terrorism ITS NOT FAIR if your a Muslim and people are hating on you about your religion or any religion ignore them and be yourself. On the bright side I feel sorry for a those children/teenagers/adults that lost their lives
Manchester attack is attack on America .
Uk gave 'sanctuary'? Why would uk give shelter to islamic extremists? Cause they all hate, just like you, socialists like Gaddafi. Thats when you'd have liked them. But islamists also hate liberals, like you, who ignore the warcriminals in the uk govt who blow the shit out of middle east countries. So then those people flee and you hate them for that. You utter twat.
Scott Cameron
Wow, Paul you really are a bit of a wanker. I was able to stomach 2 minutes of this before coming to that conclusion. Another Daily Fail reader I guess, nothing to balance your views,. Only Asian men abuse women it seems. What you aren't telling people is that the Asian community on several occasions brought to the attention of the police the fact that the Mcr bomber had become radicalised and may be a threat. However they ignored this. This was an ideologist not someone doing it to get back at someone. This'll teach em.
Kaeble L
Fuck Islam, Fuck mohammed, i piss on the quaran
abizou ftap
spared the hate yay
Alexandra Purcărea
You'd save more people per year in England if you introduced a soda/junk food tax than if you caught all of these terrorists. Twenty amputations are made per day in the UK alone just because of diabetes! But no, regulating food companies as such is SO terrible and such a "libtard" thing to say...
Vincent Mckenna
I dodnt see any of this footage on the news
Baguette Launcher
lol, before migrants: peace
migrants come in: hell starting
coincidence for sure!
I came here for that hot piece of ass in the thumbnail. Where she at?
Frosty Badfox
everytime theres a terror attack i get pissed off with all the posts that say pray for insert country here because them sayig that isnt gonna do anything, if they actually care about those effected they would go and help them but instead they post somthing on social media and defend islam, im not saying all muslims are extremists but if you look into it you will find out sickening things.
Deimos Cain
Taxi driver Was Not mooselimb!! (don't like how obama says it? Your RACIST! ) Taxi Driver is Seiki (i Know, I'm spelling it wrong) but at least I know he's following an Indian religion n Not muhammad piss be upon him!
ronald stephenson
I'm so tired of Muslim B.S. I would personally donate my free time to elemenate as many as possible. They've prooven over and over to me that they don't care for life infidels or their own.
Smokiebad S
Edward Snowden & Julian Assange stated that ISIS is an Israeli Creation, Baghdadi's true name is Shimon Elliot, trained by MOSSAD.
Trey Owen
I only have one thing to say: Fuck Tolerance. 😠
That is why I never send any sympathy cards, because what the hell am I going to write in the card? Words are easy to type / write. If I can't be there to help the grieving then I don't say anything because words don't mean shit unless you act on them.
lukasz kapelanczyk
Micky Daly
The UK gave Salman education, healthcare, safety, and security. This is how he pays it back. Unacceptable.
Dasha Iankovskaia
Tolerance is a medical term for the inability of an organism to resist a foreign body. Total tolerance is death
So this is how a religion of peace looks like?
Sorry but i must say one thing... Those are NOT refugees, those people who coming to europe is a well trained soldiers with age between 20 - 35.
Yannic&Lindsy x
i live in belgium and they just let moslims in and givd them houses and money im getting sick of it they rape kill steal and do nothing good😑
mark jones
excellent analogy.I AM SO FUCKING ANGRY! with all the attacks,but especially Manchester,The cowardness of this act leaves me internally contorted.i even try not to swear on my comments as a Christian,but so exaspertated am i,it was the LEAST i could do without venting my true outrage!
format .c
Come on people we have to be better than that. Teach muslims about democrasy and freedom, teach them about ancient athens where it all begun. People in baghdad,syria and many other places have no food or water still they all carry weaponry , bombs etc... Who gave it to them?? WE DID. America,Switzerland,Germany,England and France all sold countless weapons and have earned billions of dollars. Also immigration is supported by big american,german and france interests that want simply lower payments for workers. Its greed that has got us there STOP POINTING THE FINGER and take a closer look inside.Muslims aint the problem(religion in general is) The problem has a name and is called Bayern,Monsanto,Syngetta,Darpa,Banking interests and the continuous lies our goverment tells us. When a fellow human being has fallen down offer your hand to pick him up dont kcik him down
Conrad Von Hotzendorf
Well some kids got blown up at a concert and it was was awful, but Abdul gave me a free cab ride so its cool
Elisa Love
sick politcans have sold os out
potatoe commentator
For the record I actually agree about immigration and believe it's out of control. I think most people could agree with that. The problem with people and your ilk Paul is this: you offer no tangible solutions. Heavy on the rhetoric whilst offering nothing, literally nothing in the way of answers to these problems: 1. How do you deport a British national? 2. Where do you deport a British national with terror convictions to, who is going to take them? 3. How do you deport a foreign national if you don't know where they come from? 4. African nations are refusing to take back nationals if Britain can't prove where they come from, where do they go? 5. How do you monitor with 100% accuracy the millions of people who enter the UK daily, every day of the year? 6. If you voted Tory, you voted for this with May's stripping of Police resources and her turning a blind eye to Libyan nationals flying out to terror camps in 2011 because they were fighting Gadaffi. 7. Are you proposing that we live with communist style surveillance of the internet? 8. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. 9. For your next video can you explain or outline how you would solve the migrant crisis enveloping the EU with a better grasp of self awareness and not being shouty about it? Simply stating we won't let anymore in is laughable, it's a position I agree with but I'm pragmatic enough to see it's a pointless argument without any basis in reality. My own views are we should be clamping down on NGO's and making criminals of those who operate the vessels. The vessels should be confiscated and destroyed. Personally I'd like to see them sank, I realise that's probably not the correct thing to say, but they're illegally in EU waters, you can see I'm not some liberal lefty. I just realise you add nothing to the debate but shouty politics and sensationalist agendas. You're no better than a tabloid newspaper.
potatoe commentator
Talk about stating the bleeding obvious. Got any solutions or just hot air?
Being from the US, I hope that the British people get their act together sooner and not later. If it is later, there will not be the British Isles as well all know it. Just look for yourself, how many Union Jacks are in these refugees homes or as you call them, flats?
John Kelly
Seems to me a lot of people who follow you need to get an education. Live on their own and wank of to Hitlers speeches
Scott Gardner
It's so refreshing to hear someone who actually says it how it is!! If only you were up for election to be Prime Minister.
Flo Tom
yep they are focusing on stop EU immigration and in the same time keep welcoming on the terrorists which clearly are not Europeans.good job UK🖒
David Rusin
hey paul check out what poland is up to in that regard. nice work champ heads up from Australia
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