Manchester Attack: What They're NOT Telling You

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Which is more important - not hurting Muslims' feelings, or our children being blown up?

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Paul Joseph Watson
Parents of suicide bomber Salman Abedi were Libyan refugees.

UK gave them sanctuary.

They gave us Salman.
Khurram Shabir
You are brainwashed may allah guide before it’s too late
Addy Charles
The actual problem is actually ISIS, who is doing terrorism in the name of Islam. It's only a tiny percentage of people from the millions of muslim around world who support ISIS, BUT INSTEAD ALL MUSLIMS GETS THE BLAME. Please understand, muslims hate ISIS too. Imagine how little kids deals with a fault not theirs? Just because they're muslim they have to receives all the hates. Hate ISIS AND THOSE WHO SUPPORT THEIR IDEOLOGY, NOT MUSLIMS IN GENERAL.
Edward Brand
Your anger is genuine and heartfelt, so imagine the same emotions of the parents of hundreds of thousands of children who have been systematically massacred in the middle east by the west, to jostle for a better geopolitical position. The middle east has been pillaged and it's people raped for decades.

The whole "Islam is a violent religion" argument is fucking bullshit. You will get a minority of loony religious nutcases, sure, but you don't get the support that's seen by ISIS and hezbulah unless there has been a massive injustice. It's retaliation, as simple as that. Retaliation for decades of destruction, the USA's pale and narcissistic attempt at proping up it's crony capitalist mess. A crumbling empire trying to save its oil backed currency by controlling what's left of it and the governments of the countries it's to be found.

If the middle east was inhabited by Jain's, we'd be having the same arguments about Jainism as we have about Islam today. The middle is full of oil, and some middle eastern countries aren't as "West friendly" as Saudi Arabia or Qatar.

Over simplifying terrorism to align with your conservative narrative is shambolic.
True One
The problem is not the sex and death cult named Islam or as I call it shitlam, the real problem is the soft, weak, cowardly, and emasculated western males mostly from brain dead millennial generation who sit around and do nothing while they check their Facebook likes and social media standings and carry out their selfies for the day.And now western civilization can’t protect their woman and children from this sex and death cult imported into western countries by the corrupt left wing liberal regressive feminist traitors of Europe, Australia, Canada and the United States.And the Trojan Horse enemy’s of Islam know that with the help of the weak western governments and the soft weak cowardly emasculated western males they will be able to transform the once great western cultures into violent savage illiterate backward 7th century Islamic countries. In 2017 I don’t see any Jews or Christians blowing themselves up along with innocent men woman and children all in an attempt to receive 72 Old men for sex in the afterlife that’s why shitlam is nothing more than sex and death cult. Man up bitches or die you metrosexual manginas.
Tolerance of the intolerant eventually destroys tolerance.
It has nothing to do with hurting Muslims' feelings- it has everything to do with exposing Islam for what it is. Everyone is grateful for whistleblowers except those being exposed. It is critical for the non_muslim world to learn the nature of Islam, a stealth-like military force much more than simply another religion.
Not My real name
We cannot just stay idle anymore we need to stop this is an INVASION do not believe otherwise your countries are allowing the invasion by this savages you as a patriot need to stop it any means necessary
Those tweets about Manchester actually make me enraged
Sahara Campos
Why is nobody talking about this
Joe Doe
Excellently scripted and one of your most powerful vids Mr. Waston. This is why I'm a subscriber. That makes me one in a million. Ahahaha.
Amir Asadi
Funny how people call me Muslim but in reality I'm israeli Jew xD
Nick Hanley
Good lord this cannot come to America Trump please keep this horrible mistake the UK made as far away from our country as possible and make sure we don’t make the same mistake we did.
duha falah yasin
Wha t thier not telling you is that Isis are fundid by Israel and Amireca that this midia is brain washing you against muslims becouse it's controlled by jewIsh zainist rasist freemasons .
Hugh Jones
"Political correctness allowing Islamic extremism to flourish in British prisons, report warns".
Hugh Jones
4:30 So the bomber was pointed out to security before she set off the bomb, but the police did nothing because she's a Muslim? THAT IS FUCKING CRIMINAL
Hugh Jones
2:38 "Why hasn't someone done society a favour already and stabbed tommy robinson full of holes the evil hateful bastard" <--- THAT is an 'evil hateful' thing to say. OH THE IRONY!!!
I always notice this. People denouncing hate while simultaneously being hateful themselves.
Hugh Jones
0:50 "Europe is getting used to attacks like this - we have to". FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!!!!!
why is this person mixing islamic people with muslim people? 'just because some muslim taxi driver gave free lifts doesnt negate the fact that Islam is a bad religion' holy shit are we generalising now?
William Carey
But the world laughs at the United States for our very lenient gun laws!! Well at least you are allowed to own firearms here in the US and we can defend ourselves here in America!! Not like the disarmed Europeans who can't do Jack!! But it is not Moslems stripping us of our gun rights!! It is the Zionists who are trying to implement tougher gun laws in America!! Type in "who is behind gun control in the US" and you will find the answer!!
Babyloves Stan
Anyways buy Ag4 when it comes out Motherfuckers/butthurt Becky's. Wypippo always nuttier. Look at the moron you Wypippo elected into office.
im Batman
That's what the liberals want for us here in america
foumi foumarc
Plz! Who is the guy at 2:55? (I m not english)
Juan Pablo Andueza
Please dislike that video! He's saying lies and the people is buying it. Let's show him that not even YT inventing likes, will save his video from the most dislikes!
jim jimjim
When are these cunts going to understand that hating Islam IS NOT RACIST????... Islam isn't a race. Shit, anyone can be a Muslim.
Alexis Ruiz
These comments are making me sick, not all muslims are like this. Just like how all white people arent racist and black people arent all aggressive and thieves
Arun banotra
the reality is islam is fucking terrorism....and muslims are terrorist. who killed rape the daughters and sisters of EU people and west... . but its your fault too becox your govt let them in . these fucking muslims backstabb other religion everytime.. and still you dnt wake up....... its time to raise and stand against these bloody muslims.. get them fuck out of beautiful countries of europe.. other wise you and all people gonna die..
Zork Mapping
carry on as usual until a white guy does it
Ann Mitchell
Unfortunatly thats what happens,do you think Germans who were living in Britain during the start of WW2 had an easy time of they were the enemy, in the US during WW2.there were thousands of japanese ppl living in the US who were put in interment camps..they were the enemy.In the 70s and 80s during the 'troubles' anyone with an Irish accent was considered to be IRA sympethisers....sorry but thats the truth.. if you are trying to kill us 'en masse' you ARE the enemy.
Atikah Rozali
Islam is not evil. It will never be. Your religion does not define your attitude. Its how you want yourself to be. You chose to be a bad person, so you are. Islam is the most loving religion in the world. Just because you know 'something' about Islam, doesnt mean you can say "shit" things about it. I hope Allah will forgive all of you for saying these .. about Islam. I didnt mean to be rude. Im so sorry but this is the truth. Dont judge a person by its religion. Please. Lets spread love to the world and everyone. Thank you.
America FIRST ! !
Paul your Brilliant ! !
Hamza real H
كس امك
Eric Ortega
this could be the same as the shooting in vegas but could bombing during a concert be much worse
Chirag Yadav
Only if you're a Muslim & you hate radical Islam, comment below.
Angus Chandler
"boo hoo muh religion is hurt, your being islamaphobic" good!! get fucking offended, people get their legs blown of and you care about islamaphobia?? fuck you
John Bradley
Those Muslim taxi drivers were Hindus
sithdoes tat
I say deport all Muslims and their SJW bitches! WHO IS WITH ME!?
Wake Up
4:30 well a terrorist not gonna look suspicious if they are so trained i believe you moron,,,
The Joker
Yeah we had a President like that his name was Barack Obama. After a Muslim killed 49 people and wounded another 58 in Orlando Obama gave a speech saying how sorry he was and for people not to blame muslims and blamed the availability of guns for the cause not once mentioning Islamic terror or how Muslims want to put homosexuals to death because the quran says so. That no balls mother fucker is finally gone and now we have a President with balls who calls it what it is so what happens. All the fucking liberals call him a racist. Well not agreeing with a religion that teaches death to homosexuals, stoning rape victims to spare the family shame, death for adultry and wanting to protect American way of life from this is racists then I'm a fucking racist. Then the SJWs say but America is a land for immigrants. Yeah fucking normal immigrants that aren't bat shit crazy religious zealots waging a holy war.
Preben S. E. Nielsen
Christians or non believers do not count when blown to pieces all over the world by totally insane lunatic muslims. I simply do not understand that any, with just a little bit of brain still use that shit of book now 1500 years after they say its written. World has changed so much and all other socalled religions has moved with it. How can an IDEOLOGI like islam even find a place, it is far worse than Hitler's believe, and Stalin with communism was nearly as bad as islam. Two other ideologis is dead (nearly) there is only 2-4 maniacs who still believe in communism, and they are poor as hell. Why cant we support all these black and brown people in their own country. All these black men comes with no female at all. Why. I'm afraid they form a gigantic Task Force in Europe to be ready when the mad max in some inferior shit country scream like they kill a cheep. I fear their big towers where normal people are forced to hear that insane screaming 5-6 times a day.
Preben S. E. Nielsen
I have become racist, in the way I hate of all my heart, criminel muslims and other who prey on real people. But every one can see that after Angela Merkel and France opened up, our countries are flooding with fake refugee's, and underage black with big beard, funny aint it, but no one see what they are doing BECAUSE they are muslims, we have to take it and be glad too, if you dislike muslims it is you, who have some mental ilness. It has to stop, and people has to open their eyes and do not vote, for happy stupid leftists, who gladly let a bunch of 10-15 muslims rape wife and daughter. When done they help them out of home and give them a ride to nearest shop they can rob, and get a little more money than he give them when finished raping family, all included, also small boys, its better they learn in a low age that this is their future, if all this keeps on. We have to stop it now.
Preben S. E. Nielsen
I like you Paul.
Adik Valehon SedredIn
Humanity should die 4ever
Adik Valehon SedredIn
3ww is coming soon)) it is already begun indeed
Mysterious Figure
Paul you got only one fact wrong

On english soil you call it the union flag on sea it’s the union jack
Thomas Fleig
Liberalism is a mental disorder. They will attack peaceful Christians who believe in women's rights, but take up for a religion started by a war mongering pedophile, that treat women love shit and call for killing infidels.
Danny Danny
Muslims killed in the 21st Centure..
Muslims killed in Iraq by UK/USA 1,000,000+
Muslims murdered in Gaza by Israelis 10,000+
Muslims killed in Burma 10,000+
Muslims killed by Isis 400,000+
Muslims killed in Afghanistan by UK/USA 60,000+
Muslims slaughtered by bashar al Assad 100,000+
Muslims drone bombed by USA in Pakistan 5,000+
Muslims drone bombed in Yemen by USA 3,000+
Muslims killed by dictator backed by the west 10,000+
Muslims wounded displaced lost homes job etc as a result of USA and the western aggression . Over 15 million...
You don’t seen general muslims angry at you, like you feel towards them..
What the west have done to Muslims to what the Muslims have done to you in incomparable. And ontop of that most of the events in the west are still unknown of what really happened, we only know the shoddy info that we are fed by the very people that kill hundreds of thousands in third world country’s for there own agenda.
Danny Danny
Look people a lot of us are angry etc... but I can assure you , you only know 1% of what really happened... most of the so called terrorist attacks are set up by people in our own banking industry. To gain there own agenda... it’s easy to put up a few shoddy pictures of a boy and say yes he’s the suspect... ISIS is a creation of the CIA.. where was ISIS before the USA took control of Iraq ? . Look at 9/11 everyone knows it was a total inside job... I am not here to defend Muslims.. all I am saying is. Before you believe the media. Do some research.. do you really believe the kid blew himself up. Thinking “yes I will kill some small girls and god will be happy with me” .. Islam says anyone who kills 1 innocent person be they British American African, Muslim jew Christian.. its as tho he has killed the whole of humanity,,, anyone who saves a person regudless of religion, it’s as tho he’s saved the whole of humanity..
Before you get angry at people living 6000 miles away whom we destroyed for our own greed. Whom didn’t absolutely nothing to us .. they were just living there lives just as we live our lives. They had families they had homes , they had jobs... but our so called protectors bankers elite took that away from them...
America is a cult
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