Paul Joseph Watson
Parents of suicide bomber Salman Abedi were Libyan refugees.

UK gave them sanctuary.

They gave us Salman.
balsam awni
I come from a Muslim background and can't blame you.
china thailand
i agree with your list of things to do.
china thailand
protecting our children from this disgust and who gives a damn what the muslims want. no one cares what the rest of us want , so why would we care what the muslims want.
Suger Lps
Mr. Death
Why do people think or say culture and religion has nothing to do with this or that? It's true that one can find good and bad people in groups from all kinds of background but why un-see that religion and cultural practices play a big role in shaping one's morals and ethics? It's a big part of what and why a lot of people do a lot of things they do.

Okay, it is true that a bad person can grow up in the best religion and still do bad but at least he knows he is doing wrong and will be socially and/or lawfully executed for it. But a good person can grow in a culture of say child marriage and not see it as a problem for it is something people have done for so long and everybody is doing it or whatever. So he won't go and stab people, he doesn't become drunk and create problems but he is marrying his 8 year old daughter to a 17 or 20 year old boy and sees no problem in it but hey he is a good person. Doesn't drink. Doesn't murder. Doesn't smoke.

True there are many people who can rise and see beyond their culture and practices when it comes to right and wrong thanks to education or globalization through internet but these are also people who criticize those parts of their culture and religion if not do something about it. And not defend it by outright lying. A sensible person does not try to defend or hide atrocities.

Why were live women burned with their dead husbands in sati rituals years and years ago? and even today apparently!!! Religion. Child marriages, honor killings, witch burning? culture and religion! The FIRST step to solving any problem is acknowledging that there is a problem and then finding its root causes and being honest about the causes even if it means finding flaws in one's religion and cultural beliefs. That is how change for better comes about. Not by outlawing even bringing to lips the words that are smack right in the middle of it all.
They are scared to upset Muslims as they own alot in the UK and run it behind the scenes, look at London and people in power in councils. Mostly Muslim now.
I hate when they class Muslims as Asians so they dont upset them. But saying asian puts Hindu's and sikhs in the same pot.
Muslims are happy to call themselves Muslims when it suits them.
Sam Kirk
What they're not telling you is that it was a false flag just like all the rest. You think you know everything Mr Watson (which I'll admit you do know quite a bit and do a good amount of research) but you clearly haven't dug deep enough. Do it if you're man enough, if you really care so much for the 'truth'.
erick meyer
Europe hate globalization. We should not colonize asia and africa in the past. Now we should isolate ourselves from brown and black people.
circles in the night
We give them safety and they do this to us
Biscuit Britain
What about mass surveillance on white supremacist groups who are provoking hate on Muslims. There are extremist views in this video and comments and everyone is allowed their own opinion. However, you moan at Muslims are too blame for all these terrorist attacks but Christians are also responsible for disruption in the Middle East. Muslims can blame Christians for this and Christians can blame Muslims for this. You are stuck in a cycle of hate. Someone has to break it to get out of it
My thoughts and Prayers to Paul cause he's about to get called a racist 1000 times but we all know Islam is not a race;)
Any public official or politician who condones this policy of taking in muslim 'refugees' needs to be executed in the public square. Then go after all the muslims. Outlaw Islam, its the only way. Take your nations back Europe before you have 16 muslim grandchildren to care for.
Andrew Hayes
Take off the "Labels" Governments gave you, black white muslim catholic etc and become human beings and let's point the finger at the main cause of all this anger and aggression towards one another... MSM Governments etc. Denounce all Labels and religion and let's work together to bring a future void of hate and wars!
susan amoroso
Paul, you are so so right. Keep on coming up with these videos. They are wake up call to Christian leaders and upright leaders! Protect your land and your people especially your children because they are your future.
myameen abedi
I am a Muslim. I am not a terrorist. I have to put up with the hate because of someone else\s crime. I have people insulting my religion and my beliefs in this very comment section when I and my fellow true Muslims have done nothing wrong. I have absolutely no problem in assuming every British is a serial killer because of that one serial killer you had in 1888 but I choose not to because I understand that you all are not the same and I can not judge a whole country because of one person or a group of people. I am educated and I have knowledge. I am not ignorant like you. Educate yourself.
Alexander Leslie
It's nothing
dude shes british thats a liverpool accent
Molly Malone
What they are not telling us is how an arena can repair itself, and in five different places, being that the eye witnesses give five different places in which a man blew himself to bits. TO date no tradesmen, no skips, no vans have been on site, and yet all is repaired. Amazing, a self-repairing building. What is more they are not telling us why on the dash cam footage the Manchester Conference Centre is the building being blown up. I know Manchester, and have been to the arena, after the so called event, many times.
I just don't understand these left wing idiots. Don't they get I it that it's time to pick a team? It shouldn't be hard to decide.
People need to listen to this. Otherwise a second Holocaust is surely on the way.
Godba Jones
Roxana Moon
If europeans and Merkel will think like you Europe will be again a safe continent. dreams
Omar LTK
you're a dick and i wish you were at the concert and got blown up
Orion G
Sigh of relief Good this is not PA Machester.
David Taylor
We are teaching the Koran in our schools but are not allowed to say the pledge of allegiance to the united states.
Ras Mark
What they're not telling is that its fake so yu can stop crying over paid off crisis acting yu stupd racist cunt
Ras Mark
Are yu taking the piss ? yu paid to chat shit when we all know its fucking fake , if yu didnt then yr all fucking blind or stupid
the left must be eliminated as it is the left allowing such crimes
agnieszka malenczuk
I am a migrant from Poland, but Polish people are not formulating gangs of rapers, or murderers, we are not killing anyone in the name of the God, of course bad people are everywhere, but we are not making gangs, we are not money launderers, like pakis etc...
Justin Bieber
these people at work got this 10% access to me mind to mind will have some serious side affects later on if they don't cleans up and follow the negative step mom motherfuckers at work and this diseases will spread based on the taking indantage of this mind to mind to another level of what we do and what they do and what not to do your not suppose to . manager firing kids as if shekels get sacrificed its like acts of judas killing christians like my own family members . oh Paul you know how to say you don't work there do your crimes no one will stop you there motherfuckers deserve it
Jimmy Fiscus
Paul, Love your work! I subscribed. I had seen you before many times on Infowars. I just found this and shared it on FB. It states volumes for illegal aliens in the USA. God Bless You and your family, keep up the great work, and want to see more of you on Infowars and here on Youtube!
Jimmy Fiscus
Oliver Reeves
Tommy Robinson, father, husband, patriot, hero, author of the Koran.
Youtube Heroes
America should make a wall in the sea
Alfred Nemours
My thoughts are with you. إِنَّا لِلَّهِ وَإِنَّا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعُونَ
However, this video makes you look like a bigoted opportunist to promote BP-inspired UK policy. I trust that it is a one-off.

You offer the choice: (i) protect anglo-saxon londoners or (2) protect muslim londoners. you opt for the first.

However this is a false choice. bp-inspired uk policy is the obvious source of these deaths and others. (1) and (2) can both be accomplished by shedding this long overdue impetus for uk military campaigns. Tony Blair and Jack Straw weren't the first. Cecil Rhodes is dead.

All the best
لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله
Dafuq am i doing
tolerance and apathy are the last virtue's of a dying nation

I think that's the quote can't remember who from though
Yes but why do you not address muslim doctors, I am not a muslim or a sympathiser but you cannot label all as bad because of some retards who like to murder children
potato gamer
I would make a joke but this is too much
shahzerb shah
Hang on why don't you get your head sorted I'm Muslim and I went to the concert why don't you do me a favour and delete this video because this is truly sickening
Eric Andrusca
it must be terrible being smart in Britain...
Tausif Hindi
american are killer, murderer, they are terrorist like hitler, you bombed in hiroshima nagasaki, don't forget vietnam,iraq,afganistan,libiya
Tausif Hindi
iraq was peaceful america came here and destroyed, same in afganistan and pakistan
Tausif Hindi
every year american kill 100 american and killer are not muslim?
Tausif Hindi
you should think about Iraq and afganistan, who was liar, 9/11 was an inside job,
Miss Ellie Grande
Gavin Crowley
This man needs a podium, a microphone, and a crowd!
Foxboy 614
PJW, I hope I don't offend you for this, but at this point, I hope Europe falls. As it is now, that's the only way they're gonna learn that what they did was complete stupidity.
Adolf Hitman
Pray for Paris!!! NO, GUNS FOR PARIS PEOPLE!!!!!
MGA Gamester
Islam is cancer to this world. Innocent people are getting killed by Muslims and the government is far more concerned about Islamophobia. Instead abolish Liberalism and fucking deport them all.
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