Visit Poland - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

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Visiting Poland can be a very rewarding experience and sometimes even a shocking experience for tourists and travelers. Whether you are visiting the capital Warsaw, seeing Krakow or Gdansk or just skiing in The Tatras Poland has a lot to surprise the everyday traveler. Here are our 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Visiting Poland. 
Filmed in Krakow Poland
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JTN 1970
Endozoso Gaming
It's not pro-si it's pro-sh-eh
Sebastian O
prosim/please is czech ^^
not PROSEEEM......... PRO-SHA
Hey, for tourists you have to go to village Hel, "3 cities" (Gdańsk, Gdynia, Sopot) and many others at the sea, but don t forget about mountains! There are many smaller or bigger in our mountains.
Małgorzata Skulska
I am from poland and People don't have face like that you are saing
Burning Question
Poland can be a lot of fun if you're a tourist but sadly, living here is torture.
Julia Młynarczyk
In Poland there are a lot of tourists! Of course, especially in the season. No wonder that in rainy spring day there are no people on the streets...
Anita Beata
What do you mean when you say that not many tourists visit Poland? When we were in Warsaw in May - you hardly could hear the polish language on the street, did seem like 80 % of people were just tourists. And I bet that's the way in every major city.
Zielonookie Kiwi
I'm Polish and it's interesting how you tourist see our country :)
Another thing that will shock people is the lack of islamisation. Poland took in over 1,5 million Ukrainian refugees ever since the Crimea conflict began, but not a single of the so-called "syrian refugees" who more often than not are actually from north africa or pakistan or albania and sometimes dont speak a single word arabic.

The Polish policy on "syrian refugees" is what has made the nation become the second safest place in the world after Japan, and the safest in Europe.
Marta Makowska
Prosim... don't say that say prosze
Patryk Zając
Zaskoczenie nie spodziewałem się tego że inne narodowości tak myślą o nas miło słyszeć dzięki wielkie.
"Prosim" means "please" but in Czech lenguage 😃
Anna Koz
We are polish professional professionalist. We do not smile.
Joj Sport
Wolters World there is no such thing as natzi's as a nation, it's just a propaganda name. Please be so kind and add a note in the film, that Poland was destroyed by GERMAN invaders.
Iwona Stachon
I'm half Polish, having my holiday in Poland right now. Went to krakow a few days ago
Darth Tosia
Poland invented gingerbread
By accident
Darth Tosia
Im polish
Pani Cogito
Hello Walter, nice video. Greetings from Poland!
Aziza Alkan
1. Maybe but it may be not true. They are more like sad and closed. Its because in Poland people dont like happy people, think they are either on drugs or insane. Adults are like "why are you so happy? Theres nothing to be happy about"
2. Mostly old women. I have a feeling im the only catholic person because there are no young catholics except me. Statistics say that 87% Poles are catholics, but i have a feeling that 90% are atheists, especially youth. Remaining 9% are old women, 1% is me. Feels like being the only alive dinosaur
3. Yes, Germany and Russia made a lot of shit to Poland. Warsaw was rebuild according to John Matejko's paintings. Too bad that only buildings are rebuilt. I wish Poland were rich again, big and have 2 seas like in 1600s. Be like United States. Celebrities, Disney movies (yes, Polish Disney). 90s were a new hope. Call it idealism because of no political conflicts and cos of Disneys Golden Age
4. Yes, its most difficult language ever. Even Tolkien said so. He tried to learn Polish but it was too hard for him. He just named Smaug in Polish. Its read like "Smok" which means "dragon" in Polish. And used a word "burzum" which is based on Polish "burza" which means "storm" in Polish but i think he meant something else by this word
5. Yes this is typical Polish food but too common for me. I would die of hunger because i love everything which is not potato and cabbage rolls. Love pierogi and desserts. I dont know if we have any desserts
6. Yes and thats a shame. Too bad that Slavics seems unattractive to tourists. Like there is nothing. Its thanks to communists. No celebrities (and chances to become one. Even if, you will be known only in Poland. Most popular singer, Doda is not popular outside Poland. You must be a black metal singer to be popular outside Poland. Nergal is more popular outside, Poland hates him for tearing the Bible. Also him and Doda used to be a couple. Thats my wish to be a great celebrity known worldwide, win Eurovision and thats why i say so), no everyday inventions (nothing was created by a Pole). We have only John Paul II (greatest hero of Poland and the whole world, best person of all times), Chopin, Copernicus and Marie Skłodowska. But who cares since they are all dead?
7. Cheap? I have no idea
8. Yes i agree. A lot of cute places. But only places
9. A lot of hystorical places. It looks lovely
10. I have no idea but possible.

Thanks for recommending Poland, im happy you like it.
Proszę is like proshe.
"Prosim" is not a polish word, it is slovak/czech...
Weronika Stępień
I'm from Poland and i want to say that this video is so truth😂🇵🇱
Jason Sweet
Blimey he ain't no Allan whicker if he thinks that this is travel advice in fact it looks like it's been filmed from the US Embassy I wonder if he ate the Polish macdonalds
You don see Sopot (city) on this year. A LOT OF people
"Not so fast trains" lol so true :D We're trying, I swear, but the trains do leave a bit to be desired :D
Michalina Skowronek
Thank you, this is a great video, it's interesting to see how foreign visitors see Poland :) It's encouraging somehow. One little note, "prosim" is "please" in Slovak, in Polish it is "proszę" :) Come again next time!
Did you go to Wieliczka? This is what really shocks people. I recommend to see it. Just amazing
Gosia Paudyna
were not robots we do show emotions
Zahbär Schmuni
Im starting to think you have unrealistic standarts in the service industry xD
Kacper Sułkowski
Dude u say krakow in english kinda like ckrakuv kinda like that. When i first heard u say krakow i thougt that u where saying 🐊 crocodile
"prosim" is Czech, not polish :)
Danielle Jones
It makes me so happy you visited Poland recently in 2017 and made this video. i have been kind of worried to go because of the terrorism going on. Im a female, 21, from CA. Would you recommend its safe right now? Specifically for Americans. Poland is my families home land and polish culture is big with us. I was definitely raised Catholic and really excited to check out their church's.
Iga '
It is the lesson for us- Poles Smile more!
TigerHeart YT
I'm polish and American and ł is w for poles
Cornelius McMuffin
The quintessential tourist.
I from Poland <3 Thank you Wolter for good words about Poland ! and that about Polish faces is true 100%. I too look like that " :| "kisses!
Poland make change! Already not be so much intolerant! This is something positive!
Rose Kill
We have lots of churches but there are less and less religious people. Or just some christians decide not to suport the priesthood and don't go to the temples.
zuzanna Kruk
Pro-she and the e is like the e in egg. Please pronounce correctly, it hurts me.
greetings from Poland
Polish is one of the easiest languages I've learned.
ewa kowalska
you are one idiot...stop tolkinc like idiot............poland dont eat a shit:((:((:((
Tomas Brun
Good clip! Quite informative, thanks.
Just one correction. please is pronounced "proscheh" not "proschee", hard "e" at the end. :)
Adrianna G.
visit Zakopane, there are a lot of tourists, no matter what season of the year is
Hadrian Azzerante
Very few tourists? I'm studying in Gdańsk, when I go to walk around Old Town there I hear mostly German, Spanish, English, Chinese etc.
Difference beetwen tourists and Poles: for toursts is cheap, for us, who live in Poland, expensive
Mara Murderdoll
"not super fast trains, but fast ENOUGH" true that, sir.
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