JTN 1970
Aga Grom
I live in UK since 11 2006and I can see more grumpy people here than in Poland.
We need a bit more time to trust. We're really friendly people but if you will go to any town in England, Russia, Germany, Ukraine etc you will hear how they don't like Polish people. Why? because they don't know us and they don't want to know us! We're really hardworking people but we're taking all jobs. We're taking all benefits. We are drinking too much. That how people seeing us!! This is like a sticker!
Another think.. English people like to go to places like Spain< Italy< France because there is more beaches and they like to be lazy and doing nothing. In Poland you have to travel a lot to discover a new places and for most of them this is not a real holiday. And yes, Poland is Beautiful country but not interesting enough. Is a good place for a party.. cheap drinks, cheap food, easy girls ( in some opinions).
I love Polish kitchen even if you have to eat potatoes and cabbage every day. Is still nicer than burgers from McDonalds or fish and chips. There is a reason why we eat potatoes and cabbage.. after a war (remember we had 2 wars in 1918 and 1945) there was nothing to eat and that was easy to grow and cheap to buy too.
If you love Poland once, you will always love!!!
ready and waiting
waffle,waffle waffle…bye !
John Doe
Poland is indeed a great country, especially for someone with "Western income".
Grzegorz Witkowski
I have to disagree regarding the service in restaurants. I don't remember any special bad experience in Poland. Currently I am in Boston, MA and never meeting so rude waiters as there... in all restaurants we were, waiters did all do hurry us up and were just in general unpleasant even in such popular place as Top of the Hub...
Malbork thé biggest castle on the World.
As much as I enjoyed the video, there's no word as 'prosim' in Polish or something even remotely reminding it in pronunciation. It's great if this video encourages you to visit Poland but heed my advice - don't take this nice fellow's vocabulary tips too seriously :)
Piotr Nowak
Foreigners think that it's cheap in Poland but it's not true. You just earn much more than average Pole (even if you get minimum wage). Prices are usually similar or higher than abroad if you look at figures, especially electronics, cars, houses, furniture etc. You also mentioned veganism - generally, Poland is not very veggie-friendly country and it's almost impossible to get vegan meal (I mean, real meal, not some potatoes and salad) except big cities but it's changing slowly. Dairy-free and meat-free alternatives are not cheap either. Soy milk costs 5-8 while almond milk even 15 which is more than minimum pay for one hour.
Pat Ogrodzinski
POLAND !!--- 11: Great country FREE & without the NIGGERS and other coloured aggressive RAPEFUGEES !!! hahahaha
Polska to smutny kraj. Kraj ludzi z nałogami i nieuswiadomioną depresją. A obsługa klientów jest sstraszna. Jak się trafi miła pani to jest cud Boży i opowiada się o tym całej rodzinie że miła pani nas obsłużyła. szok
Twister PLUMP
I learned a lot of great things from this video and the comments! Thank you!💖
John Meyer
But can Poland into Space?
Strawberry Productions
lmao im polish i vomit after potatoes
AJ Nartowski
my heart and soul
MaReCzEk games
my to nie germany mamy 91 % katolików a nie muzułmanów
I'm shocked that you can't order two beers correctly, using only three words, getting two thirds of those words wrong, and mispronouncing the other one.
I loved watching this. Poland is one of my most favorite countries!
If you think the service in restaurants in Poland is bad, come to the Czech Republic to see what bad really means.
Wrocław is best Polish city 😄 - gotta find all the Gnomes
Jasuło Here
Fakt faktem w polsce jest tanio i to prawda :) Tylko te kurwy dają nam 13/h i przez to wszystko wydaje się drogie.
Ange vdw
Maybe I have some Polish ancestors.... I love potatoes ALOT, I eat it just about every day! 😄
Kacper Woliński
If you want to see the most beautiful Polish city, go to Lwów
Timas Dziepacki
Z tą smutną twarzą to akurat prawda. Uśmiechajmy się do siebie.
Prosim is in Czech Language. In Polish it's Proszę. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/prosz%C4%99#Pronunciation
Najee Jackson
Where the Tanks and Rubble or least black smoke thicking the air.

And Why nobody bundled up with heavy coats and hats.
Let's Polish
Hi Mark :) Faces with no emotions? No way. I think it's getting better and better. Visit us again. See you :)
Trust me, ppl in Poland are not 'sooo' religious - not everyone.
francis missonellie
Walter you sound nervous and insecure . the ten shocking polish insults about there nature is a reflection of your Liberal Snowflake existence ,and if you think your service was slow before this vial examination of Polish Life you'd better learn to eat canned Spam Ha Ha , PS they fought through hell just to be free and you fought for how many trophies they were going to give you to stop crying every day
Whiteraven Brotherhood
This is what Europe looks without refugees.
I think all the polish people are in england
nie ma jak amerykanin wiecznie uśmiechnięty jak pierdolnięty
Marcin O
Zapraszam do Rzeszowa, Łańcuta, Leżajska ;) Ogółem na Podkarpacie ;)
There are plenty of Gopniks in Poland that squat on streets and wear adidas usually some passed out on the streets from too much vodka listening to hardbass.
Klaudia Nowaczyńska
All true xD I like you dude :D
Marika Wiś
like wtf, who is Catholic in Poland? XD i don't know any person that is going to church even on holidays
Dante Ventus
destroyd not by nazis but by Germans, small remainder
No Africans, no muslims, wow.
Robert Charzewski
Guess what is for dinner today? Yep cabbage and ??? potato.
Thanks for visiting my homeland.
"Dwa piwo prosim" rip xd
Posion Knight
8:10 that dragon breaths fire when you text a number written on stone
Alicja 57
To judge a foreign nation, you need to know its history. Americans and British did not directly survive anybody's occupation, humiliation of the whole nation, and long-term extermination. The occupyers treated people like cattle. No wonder we have unlearned an unnecessary smile on every stranger.
Alicja 57
Soon people from Western Europe will plead Poland to accept them permanently. And they will not say that they do not like something. Compared to Islamic terror, Poland is a paradise for foreigners.
BTW, Poland was leveled by germans, nazis are WHO???
Tadeuz K
You suck !
onepiece ofarmytrash
I see all these comments being 'fuck Muslims' and other things Muslims are .not. evil. The extremist are they are not muslims they just blame it on them I understand why Poland didn't want to lead refugees into it since they don't want what happen in WW2 to happen again but with Muslims but I don't think it's a bad thing to let them in we are all humans that have a right to life in safe place and people who say Poland is one of the pure European countries like its bad to have diversity humans are diverse and some people in the majority need to get used to that and learn that minority's are not bad or evil and shouldn't be treated so
Lorene James
Are the Terrorists there to ? Then I'll come and spend my money if they like AMERICANS.
julia szyszko
i am from poland but i moved to northen ireland when i was 5 now im 11
david whiteside
poland keep your country
People from Poland laughed their ao at 4:08 - 4:12 and sorz but u said both of them wrong. And (sz) makes a sh sound
Doctor Cow
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