Want to save animal lives without going veg? Eat beef, not chicken.

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You don’t have to eat like a vegan to save animal lives.

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“Go vegan!” and “It’s not food, it’s violence!” are two rallying cries that animal welfare activists have been chanting for years. But for activist and vegan Matt Ball, the purist ideologies espoused in those mantras might actually work against the goal of reducing and ultimately ending animal slaughter. 

Despite the animal advocacy from vegan and animal welfare groups, consumption of meat has grown in the United States from 183 pounds of red meat and poultry per capita in 1975 — the year Peter Singer’s seminal Animal Liberation was published — to an estimated 217.8 pounds this year.

Making matters worse, more than 80 percent of people who adopt a vegetarian (let alone vegan) diet ultimately go back to eating meat. According to Ball, vegetarians go back to their meat-eating ways in part because “they can't stand the pressure to maintain a pure diet.”

Although he is sympathetic to vegan and traditional animal welfare activism, Ball believes the time has come for activists to reconsider their tactics. That’s why in early 2014, he co-founded a new organization called One Step for Animals. Their goal is not to get individuals to take on any given lifestyle or diet, but rather to convince as many people as possible to simply stop eating chicken.  

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Hans Weygers
So it's Anmal Lives versus Climate Change? According to my knowledge a cow produce 200 L of methane a day and given that there are 100 million cattle in the U.S. alone, and that methane has 23 times the warming impact of CO2, the gas adds up. So the choice would be, avoid animal cruelty but destroy the climate or preserve our climate but keep animal cruelty? http://content.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,1839995,00.html
Welp the comment section is filled with angry vegans who don't seem to understand that people won't go vegan because meat tastes good. I can understand their arguments that red meat is unhealthy for you but that's not really a relevant argument for somebody going vegan. Secondly is the issue of pollution and I saw somebody else say that cows produce more greenhouse gases than chicken, though I'm not sure they kept in mind that while this may be true, a cow also feeds 245 times as many people (in addition to that if people are being so nonchalant about global warming there is no reason to believe that using this argument will make them change their minds about eating something they love the taste of). Back to Ian however, there isn't an issue with world hunger, we have enough food to feed the world. The only problems are that wealthy countries (especially the US) are being wasteful and tossing perfectly good food and that we are just producing too much food that we are unable to entirely consume.
So to appease 0.5% of population you recommend using 28 times more land and 11 times more water? If you really care about what 0.5% think, but you also want animal protein and cater for the environment, why aren't you recommending insects? The more primitive the prey, the better, apparently.
You want to tell an Afro-American to stop eating KFC? Fat chance buddy!
Chris Castillo
I believe that ethical arguments about eating animals will never be as effective as the environmental and health arguments that can be used to support eating less meat. Health and environment are two things that directly effect people's lives. Factory farms and livestock agriculture are some of the leading causes of pollution, climate change, and deforestation (which also leads to species extinction). Eating an excess of meat causes many personal health problems like cancer and diabetes. This new argument is still from the "animal rights" perspective. Honestly, most people will never see animals and being morally equivalent to people, so the argument that only eating beef will save a larger number of "lives" won't really resonate with the vast majority of people. This is besides the fact that beef is both less healthy and more damaging to the environment than poultry. Cows and pigs are also much more intelligent that chickens (pig is just as smart and emotional as your dog). Instead of taking this quantitative approach to saving the largest number of chicken lives, there should instead be a qualitative and holistic approach to improving human health, the environment, and animal welfare.
Evan Au
Welp better add V to LGBT. LGBTV
lmao all the triggered vegtards in the comment section

i'll have my fried chicken AND a well done steak, thank you very much :^)
Environmentalists said eating more chicken would be less resource intensive and they (supposedly) aren't as emotionally developed as pigs and cows. Yes a larger animal equals the biomass of many smaller ones, but then we'd have to raise more cows to compensate. How about putting more research dollars into stem-cell research to grow meat? I don't want any souls to suffer, but I still haven't tasted a true meat substitute and most ppl simply aren't giving up real taste and texture.
But beef production causes 4-5 times more pollution than chicken production. If you care about animal welfare, dont eat meat. Period. If you are concerned about the health of the environment, switching chicken with beef is a terrible idea.
Trevor Lindholm
Alex E
He is not a vegan .
Search for him.
whats wrong with killing or 'torturing' animals they cant think lol
CVoice Official
The questions to consider as well are which causes more pollution And use up the vegetable supply . In addition If chickens are out the way I kind of feel farmers will just start growing more cow which still would not fix issue
On the flipside, eating beef is far more harmful for the climate than pork or poultry.
Mark Ross
I don't like beef though :(
I am Perfection
The real solution is to start eating other people.
Carol Garvin
Just buy fake meat ... voila'! No animals killed.
Steffany Pel
How about saving all animals and just eat plants? you will feel better, and it is a guilt free way of eating. Some people say "oh I love animals!" Well then I say to them..why are you eating them if you love them so much? Or do you just love the way they taste? LOL you wouldn't eat your cat or dog, why are you eating another living being?
Arielle Melcher
Every time I eat meat I get the personal satisfaction of knowing I've pissed off PETA and their supporters. I'd like a video where PETA can justify their sexist, antisemitic and a fear-mongering ads. Why should I be inclined to listen to people who diminish women and Jews as having the same value and dignity as an animal? Why should I listen when they produce ads claiming that drinking milk leads to autism when they have no scientific proof? If they actually cared about the protection of animals they would spend their money protecting animals, but instead they spend it on disgusting ads and continue to put down the vast majority of animals entrusted into their care. There is real value in limiting the amount of meat in our diets both for health and environmental reasons. Realistically though a completely vegan society can not work we simply do not have the natural resources to support the Earth's population without meat and other animal products. Additionally eating vegan can be extremely expensive especially when you consider the number of people in American that live in food deserts. It's a very privileged point of view to expect people to be able to transition their diets for the good of animals especially when you consider than chicken and eggs both filling foods cost so much less than the fresh vegetables, tofu, nuts and quinoa that make up so much of the vegan diet. When animal rights advocates act as if veganism is the best diet and that everyone should partake they are not looking holistically at our world.
505 beardies
Beef is reaaaaaaaaaaaallllyy bad for the environment tho
Maddie Webb
save animals by eating them? okay.....
Peter Friess
Why so much hate in this comment section? I mean quite honestly. If all you vegans are butt hurt over the simple truth about what this guy is telling you, you have bigger issues about your self image then about killing animals. What about solving world hunger for your own people no matter what race, religion or orientation they might be? What about world peace that lasts? What about people dying from preventable illnesses that can be prevented from vaccines? Fight a better battle then for animal rights. Grow a set a balls.
The point isn't to be pure. It is to do the best you can to switch to a plant based diet. I used to eat upwards of 200 pounds of beef a year. Then I watched "Forks Over Knives" and read the book. Now I eat maybe 5 pounds of beef a year. I've also gone vegetable in a big way. I used to eat maybe a can of green beans with a pound and a half of beef. Now I buy fresh vegetables and mix them with chicken and pork in a stir fry. When I was mostly carnivore I always felt stuffed and lethargic after a meal. Now I can do whatever I want shortly after eating because vegetables are easily digested.
I don't think anything that can feel pain should be tortured, but I mainly made the change to a mostly plant based diet for my own selfish health reasons. That is why you should.

P.S. I thought I would miss beef. but after a short while I didn't miss it at all.
Cyn Jo
Ps. It's the cows that are ruining the oceans. You didn't count the animals DYING IN THE OCEANS
Cyn Jo
Vegans are rude, so keep eating meat but just make it beef?!?!? Yeah that's perfectly logical
Matt Kay
Animals are still going to be factory farmed and killed regardless of my actions, so I might as well continue my healthy, balanced diet that includes meat.
At this point, I only eat seafood for moral and health reasons, but I find this man's reasoning a bit questionable. Cows are mammals and much more genetically similar to us. They are much more sophisticated animals than chickens and suffer more than them. I find this logic hard to swallow.
at least this VEGAN admits that veganism should NOT be forced down our lives.
The amount of reta- sorry, extremely stubborn vegans in this comment section shows why people tend to despise them.
What vegans forget is that even the simplest piece of grass is not only alive, but more complex genetically than even a human. We can never stop eating life. Life is the literal lifeblood of all humans. If we stop eating meat, the carbon footprint may go down but we could get the same result by getting people to stop driving their cars. Also, eating meat is healthy, although in small amounts.

Ugh, there's so much to say, but what I want to end with is this, by eating only plants you are creating a hierarchy for what you consider worthy of life. I do understand that when you eat a fruit you aren't necessarily killing anything, but that shouldn't matter to vegans, as when you drink milk, I could say the same. I'm also not against creating hierarchies like this, but only when they make sense. Most plants are more genetically complex than the most complex animals. Us humans are just biased into thinking animals are moving therefore they are somehow more "alive" than plants.

I probably sound completely incoherent and that is because this topic is just so frustrating to me.
Eating cows over chickens isn't much better. Last time I checked, in the film "Before the Flood", cows are the largest producer of greenhouse gases. At least chickens are more eco-friendly on a global scale.
Chris Wellz
Matt Ball's argument for meat eater's solution to help save animals is the equivalent of telling a racist to only be racist and adversely affect the lives of Mexicans and not Blacks.

I'm not even a Vegan and I thought his argument was stupid.
Chris Wellz
It's amazing how (despite me agreeing with his sentiment) he didn't see the huge error in his idea of not eating chickens anymore.
Cringe Central Memes
Whats funny is how liberal this channel is yet all the liberals are mad cause this video. This video makes total sense.
Renan Eich
I find it strange that 0.5% of the population is vegan, but 80% of YT commenters are stating veganism. Something's not right...
Jared Woltman
And don't forget cows spend their live getting free food, free healthcare, and get to roam a large area (pasture) while grass can grow
The Vegan Bachelor
I get the basic point he is making, but... its all based on the premise that what we have been doing is not working. That is where he is clearly wrong. Check this link out. Yes the information comes from an an animal rights Non profit called Mercy for Animals, but the info is completely self evident (such as the examples of the exploding market for vegan based foods) or based on scientific studies and information curated by other extremely reliable sources like The New York Times.

Heres a snippet:
"The USDA reports that 400 million fewer animals were slaughtered in 2014 than in 2007. That’s 400 million individuals who were spared a lifetime of unimaginable suffering." Meat sales are declining in relation to population.

"According to The New York Times, “An estimated 12 percent of millennials say they are ‘faithful vegetarians,’ compared with 4 percent of Gen X’ers and 1 percent of baby boomers.” The number of vegetarians is more than doubling each generation.

"Earlier this year, Marketwired showcased the growing market for alternative protein sources, including meat alternatives, which it claims are “poised to accelerate, potentially claiming up to a third of the protein market by 2054.”

Robert Klevens
Just GO VEGAN. That is the message
Rachel Lintz
Some people are concerned about both climate change and unnecessary suffering. Keep in mind you can avoid both beef and chicken if you choose. The man in the video is vegan. The approach he advocates is meant to try to reduce the amount of suffering in the world, while recognizing the reality that most people don't see a veg diet as feasible right now.
or....... we could just not eat animals at all.
Why hasn't this video been taken down yet?
Macky Cabangon
I would kick those people
Lisa Barca
Actually can someone please tell me who the hell this guy is? What organization is represents so I can make sure I am not supporting it and tell them that this bullshit is the reason?
Ruby Chiang
Aren't red meats not that good for us?!
The Broccolini Industry
He has a point that vegans need to improve their advocacy to reach more people but to try to sum it up as to simply only eliminate chicken is very ignorant.
80% Vegan
I'm a Vegan and I only eat beef but no chicken!!
Mariel Weiner
This video is just a huge mistake
Chris L
This is stupid, most people will just eat more beef and pork, more red meat. This guy is assuming people will hold beef and pork consumption at current levels whilst cutting all poultry consumption....unrealistic.
Omer Ahmed
Yeah I'm just gonna eat lots of meat. #MEATISTHEBEST 🍗🍖🍕🍔🦐🐮🦀
Jamie Josef
Cows produce huge amounts of methane gas that hugely contributes to climate change. It is one of, if not the biggest cause.
Bob Miller
Start funding research into lab-grown meat now, and in fifty years you won't have to choose between eating meat and the ethical dilemma of eating sentient organisms. We're going to have to develop this technology at some point anyway if we ever want to try colonizing the moon or Mars in the future. Lab-grown meat...tell your friends.
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