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SNLSaturday Night LiveliveNEWNew Yorksketchsketch comedycomedyAriana Grandeseason 41episode 15MermaidssailorsTaran KillamBobby MoynihanBeck BennettrescuersCecily StrongKate McKinnon

Three sailors (Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, Beck Bennett) come face-to-face with their mermaid rescuers (Ariana Grande, Cecily Strong, Kate McKinnon).

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Michelle Griffin
Me man.....I love it!
Life Sucks
Kate killed
Asher Nae Downer
I'm waiting!!!!!!
Tsetsi * Medical Leech Therapy * Enema * Цеци Ceci
I am for that ugly mermaid
Vitoria R
Kate is phenomenal in this, she's such a chameleon
TS geek Central
Would see another Ace Ventura starring her!!! kate Venture!!! That would be great!!
Arden Dryburgh
Y is the blob fish me 😂😂
Meritxell Shooting Star
My name is Shud.
Charlee Charles
Best skit I have seen in ages. How did they not break?!
Charlee Charles
0:46 I had to stop because I died, ahahahaha!!!
I luv shud we need more of her in this world
Lulu Nana
Please more videos of shud.
This was actually funny. I usually can't stand SNL.
21 chemical crybabies
Ariana as a mermaid is my aesthetic
Denaris Storm
Is that Arianna Grande? Lol
Ainsley King
Shud, you’re so… beige
Łit Łosers
Wait how are these mer-people made?
Nate C
Well dang Ariana Grande xD
Mary Boyd
Who plays shud hilrarious
Екатерина Новак
The first skit I met where people don't comment how hot Kate is😂
Jovy Yu
Zoe Du Jour
Lol. Kate reminds me of Woody Harrelson.
Ally Bravo
AKA Parvez
Kate mckinnon Love u
So funny
M Giuliano
I just love Kate...there is nothing she cannot do.
mamyabbynicky Desa
kate is epic!!!
Matt Horakova
SNL, then only broken youtube channel that seemingly everyone can watch. No video, never any video, until I refresh the page, every. single. time. Nice logo on the lower right, can we have video now?
J-rod H
Man I can’t stop watching this and it’s because of Kate 😂
Maggie votsmier
I couldn’t stop laughing at this!!!
Lilboh Beat
Oh my god that make up job is pure genius this is one of my fav sketches in a while!
Laura Shook
lol, Shud looks like Woody Harrelson!
Why does Shud kinda look like Ellen? lol
1:36 then what are you complaining about ?
ellen w
are those donald trump's parents?
leniel dela torre
blobfish Kate looks like an
old Jim Carrey
Shud is in my nightmares!
DJ and Friends
"Uhh my Mermaid blows"
Geek With Glasses
Blobfish are only like that out of water because of the pressure so accurate
Would still bang
PIX Promos & More
Is it me, or does Kate look like look like a cross between Chris Elliott, Jonathan Banks, Jimmy Durante, Dr. Zoidberg and a Drum of KY jelly?
Ruby Ling
me man
Bella Zayoki
Hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh great...
Celeste Aka your Biggest fan
She's me compared to my friends
Not so fun fact: Mermaids are demonic. No but really.
Josh DeRoche
That white fuck got to kiss Ariana grande! Lucky bastard!
Adara Nicholls
I need another one!
Arceus Lord of Creation
Well, won't she become human when they get to shore?
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