Jasmine Nicole
"Nobody smokes as much weed as me" Ughh, come on Miley get over yourself. Weed isnt your problem, cuz we all know that pot isnt the only thing you ve been doing. Its sad that you have to use marijuana as an excuse for you not being productive with your music career. I thought you were way better than that but I guess not. Like you said in the past, the weirdness has always been apart of you and now you just want to blame it all on a plant. Grow the fuck up already
steven Fundora
Snoop Dogg smoke more than her
Shes as fake as the blow up thing she paraded around on stage with.
1:22 tell Snoop Dawg that. lol
George Constantinou
George Constantinou
who gets high and dresses like fuckin bunnies and shit fucking loser people like you should not smoke weed. you make a bad name for the herb. HOE
Ruqayya Khalil xoxo
Does jimmy fallen have a beard now
john coker
she is a Gay Poser .
Trap Nigga
Bitch the illuminati controlled her and made her crazy, not weed.
Don Fresco
The real reason is because trump won.
Peter LaCara
"No one's ever smoked as much weed as me." I think Snoop and Willie Nelson would like a word.
Public Beats
Oh so she blames dressing up like animals on weed huh lol yeah ok Miley
Pink Pepper
Summary: She ran out of money.
Did she do DMT?
Joshua Nieman
3:22 What did he say???
Adriana Grajeda
When does she breath with the speed of her talk. She's hyper
Zach Vogt
She should get back in to SALVIA. "Is dat my Boyfriend ?"
James Model
Miley your fly is open 😂 still love you though 🌸🌺🌸🌺
Abraham Kim
You can change your hair and you can change your clothes...but you'll always find your way back home. We all knew this was gonna happen. #HannahMontana
cha charm
miley's looking good! Im loving the aura miley keep it up 😘
Наташа И.
Trash as always!
Eyy-Its-Me XD
can we just mention how cute and adorable she looks? ❤❤❤
Amber Hlldridhe
you guy are sooooo stupid you eat yours and you boyfrinds poop. GOOOOOOOD omg hey you are a crapy woman aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HATE you bye bye sucker
Your Mom
she has that harley quinn hair XD
I'm afraid it's too late her voice is gone.
Dennes Boon
Parents must be proud.
god shes so trashy. her shitty tattoos that look like cigarette burns and bruises. her awful hair. whatever the fuck shes wearing. even the way her mouth moves
swapna sarit nayak
why not generalise weed smokers as people who dress as bunny's and shit and don't know what they are saying i think it's good you quit . peace.
Terry Rodbourn
She sounds like she doesn't write her own music, that should tell you something!
Wojciech Dziedzic
Her voice is like 70 year old 5 pack a day smoker
Mika Sowers
I love you Miley but that shirt is treacherous
Jay Hour
she changed
Zrinka Salopek
this person is sick af
I'm so happy for her. She's so happy with life.
Eduardo Suárez
she sounds like a sorority girl who smoked weed for the first time last week
Emanuel Stefan
thios b1tch got on weed, eated some blunts and thinks she knows the fuck she talkin bout BS
She's lying.Never trust these people,they just want to continue making money.
Jason Yu
Fuck me what happened to her voice. Yeah puberty blah blah but holy shit.
I love her so much omg
Snoop Dogg
Tommy Chong
Wiz Khalifa
Willie Nelson
Bob Marley
Seth Rogan
Girl there are a lot of people who smoke more than you
Tammy Karalevicz
She's a lot lizard.
ayanna williams
Aww I just get Miley soo much i love her ♥️
Guys!!... But You REALLY don't get it, that it's ALL her marketing to send the new album? All this change of look, this "being good", and moving speeches about how she has never been on a beach? Exactly like her "Bangerz" era was 100% marketing to promote the new album? Wow, know I understand why they say Americans are really easy to manipulate...
Ryan Mccabe
Marijuana is not meant for vaginas
Fadumo Hussein
Weed made me saying strange things thank God she has major side effect like me 😂😂😂
Pokemon OG
poser bitch, stop faking yourself
grant myers
she needs to do more full frontal porn pics I love her body
Jus- Sayin
No one cares Miley
EDD Fire
Her neck looks 60, wtf.
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