Minecraft at E3: Super Duper Graphics, cross-platform play and more!

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This Summer, we’re bringing you a whole new bunch of ways to play Minecraft! We’re releasing a new update for consoles, which brings players together across mobile, console and Windows 10. This means you can play Minecraft on any device, whenever and wherever you’d like! Also this summer, players will be able to join millions of new people from all over the world when we add servers directly to the game. Access a multitude of fun online communities from within Minecraft, safely and securely. And that’s not all! This Autumn, players will be able to explore endless worlds, rendered in stunning 4k HDR with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Shiny!

Song: Alakazam! 
by: Justice

kenky uchia
i dont have that in my mincraft pe 😔
Laalo Ponce
I can't wait
T.Watcher Game Over
they said coming this summer then coming this fall what?
Cj Jian
i really really really hope the super duper graphics are free
Cj Jian
if we can crossplay, then we can play mini games together too?!
david manion
i dare you to make a furter
kofil miah
I can't wait 😄😃😃
Red Synister
Will this be out for pc too without the requirement of a shaders mod?
jucineide Maria
what day will minecraft 1.1.2
XxBigballxX Gaming
Hey mojang is it true that this will be the last and worst minecraft update ever thesaintsofgames said us to it in a youtube video
Stuff LP
Where is the PS4??
หนูแดง จอมมะฬา
Think when this update come my phone gonna cash first;)
Mario UltraGaming
What is date to this update?
Normal Drug
What about the Nintendo Switch Verion?
Spikekid_4 Playz
Yea do it make console edition and pocket edition the real version of minecraft and minecraft pc? Minecraft java. Wtf. And no PS4 cross play? Jesus what crack was Mojang,Microsoft, and bj studios or what ever doing? I think Microsoft has some explaining to do about no cross play for PS4
you say that your making Minecraft "cross platform" which you are but your just doing this to make more money and not for the people because you've left out pc edition and on everything else you've added coins which you can't earn you have to buy them. Mojan. u suk. no1 on pc likes you anymore. think about this
Ahmad Abbas &
I share my hugs and share your hugs with you
Surprise to all the PlayStation users
debi san gaming
i like minecraft minecraft minecraft i like
Is the better together update coming out when TU54 comes out for consoles or is it a different release date?
Garrett Sampson
Why can't they just call it shaders
Fidget Spinner
Please ad fidget spinner
Ciria Monjaras
This was my face the entire time 😯😯😯😯😯😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
I'm sad
because it's not for ps4

nightmare plush991
make mods for Minecraft on Xbox
Michał Szostak
uper Duper xD
Rayso Gaming
Trop bien j'ai at
Ski ppy
What people onlly noticed in the trailer:
- SUPER DUPER GRAPHIC PACK (Shaders and Graphical Texture pack)
- Cross play (Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Windows 10 & Mobile aka Minecraft)
- New Feature (Like Items, Block, Generated Structure, Exclusive features and etc)
- New Map and Minigames changes in server (Lifeboat, Mineplex, Cubecraft, InPVP and etc)
- The Dual Wielding

BUT one thing people didn't notice is at the cubecraft scene! Players are jumping and running with cape, instead of steve and alex skin but it uses custom skin! Like if you found it!
Nesrocks Gaming Videos
Been playing with these graphics for 4 years now. They probably just bought the shader.
Balazs Prokopp
I hope the super-duper graphics is not gonna lag.
Rencel John Mark Galoso
mojang pls make minecraft pe stain glasses and armor stands fire works and other epic items pls
Yeah. Way to go Microsoft. Just abandon ship for the big cash grab.
Inam Ali
this minecraft is like gta5 pc mods
This the beginning of the end of Java edition.
When was Microsoft ever willing to cross play...

...WITH NINTENDO? Idk but I like it.
Victor Montiel Martinez
de join te geim cubecraft
DarkGamer Plays
Is the graphics free?
معلومات مفيده ورائعه
Dh Hx
When addons are on you can get the real shaders
Esmeralda Navarro
so that means Xbox one x is coming this fall? ik its not but just wondering
Tuan Nguyen
That graphic looks realistic O-O
FavreMy Sabre
for Minecraft Pocket edition
FavreMy Sabre
when does it come out
Jimmy Lim
mojang please make a new update is called snow village and new armor
wow epic and add a new gamemode pls
ماسي ماكي
This in xbox 1?
Plz add mods !!!!!!!!
If only this was on the only good platform, java
I'm honestly super exited for this mcpe players and Xbox players have a way of playing with a breath taking shaders pack before we would have to play with what we got or just have a crap shaders but now we will actually have an amazing experience with the game thank you mojang for moving the gamers on mobiles up.
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