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Aaron Autry
Why not use clay pottery mold
Night Wolf Production
You forgotten to add borax
im watching this video and all i can see on the upnext list is creme egg grenades XD
fabrizio giacomino
How about using clay instead of sand?
Dave B
Why are you using an open mold? Use a cope and drag mold. Get the oxide and slag to float up and out, keep heat in, help keep O2 out, stabilize the fragile parts of your sand. A whole list of benefits! But do't keep doing the same thing expecting a different result.
Michael ashcraft
If you use settlement sand which is sand with cement wet it let it sit for a day or two it hardens and would actually let you have a reusable mold
Ants of the Americas
Why does it take so long to optimize a pc
gold en nugget
You can use concrete
Pitam Banerjee
u may use plaster of paris !! ( dont sure tho )
Mandelina Aughenbaugh
Well the king of random it it looks very nice for trying your best
Joshua Timoteo
Keep adding a little at a time
Ian van Wyk
You should get a 3d printer.
will smith
Maybe you can use something like a little piece of metal. In the pieces that we’re falling out. The pack the sad around that. Much like. Rebar is used. It may stiffen them up enough. To pour
I’ve seen other videos where the mold is totally inclosed to the the cast is poured into a little hole that. Is made but be sure to put a few vent holes if u do that
Daniel Cady
So isn’t the green sand supposed to be better because you don’t release toxic fumes from the styrofoam. So doesn’t what your doing defeat the purpose of green sand?
Why didn't you remove the foam from the mold before you put the copper in?
Try adding borax
"The copper was in for 20 minutes and looks really hot* NOOOO IT LOOKS LIKE AN ARCTIC CLIMATE LOL
Ryan Wallis
I think you can investment cast with pla from 3d printers as well as styrofoam, might make it easier to get more moulds.
zach siebers
have you ever thought of setting the foam gear in plaster? I don't think it would collapse like sand would, but obviously be more expensive.
Mike nazzal
The problem you are having is with your structure mate, you need a double layered sand so after you flipped the frame to pour the copper you shoulda put another wodden frame and filled it with sand and leave a tunnel like shape for the copper to be poured in and spread in nicely without ruining your sand shape and also shoulda added a breather hole as well
Turtle Scutes
Keeping the sand box on a BBQ should help with the copper solidifying too quickly.
BRO&SIS Adventure
I was watching press tube and they have better casting sand
Why not just Take Metal gear plate:D??:D and pour copper
powder corn starch in the sand should fix the floating sand issue
Samuel Flint
use petrobond sand
you could have just poured water onto the sand and just taken out the styrofoam gear so that the sand doesnt come apart
Kamel Boutcho
Another one
You sand does not have the required moisture. Casting sand would be far better. When doing a casting like the one you are doing spent wax would work better.
j n jjj j jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj
lolz try to get some clay
launcher king
what happens if sand gets too. too 🔥.
This comment section:
You're doing it wrong!
James Ong
use concreat
Marri Vega
Why not use stone to make the hole
Dr. Random
Not packing your sand enough.. Add a little bit of sand and tap bottom with rubber mallet to vibrate sand then add more sand and repeat
Tyler Ohkawa
I think the reason that the mold kept breaking apart is that the sand was actually too wet. Notice that when the sand was dampened further, all of the center molds popped out, and when it was mostly dry only one did? There was too much water.
Tom Rose
Perhaps you should do some homework on how to cast metals...
Jon M
This is why moldmakers use cores which are seaperate from the mold they don't fall apart and work well for internal details
use concreate insted of sand :D
absloute sexy show hole
You could make a small concrete mould and just dry it around the heat maybe? Or you could use plaster of Paris it sets fast
Robert Eckman
Question: why not bury the styrofoam gear with a riser and pour down the riser and allow the sand to keep the copper at a higher temp through insulation?
Code 3 Gaming
The King of Random, Here's a Tip For You. The Casting Sand Mold Requires 2 Parts Sand and 1 Part Oil.
PSi nyancat
Gotta make a 2 half mold my dude
bilb0 bagginz
I would molded the Cooper in concrete or something that does not melt or move from the heat
Wade Fiedler
Why don't you make metal gear holes to go into the gear instead of the sand. It would give you the stability.
Hey Grant, might I suggest a smaller gear? If the main problem is cooling to fast, a smaller gear, with the copper at the same temperature should cast a lot easier than the larger size you've tried. Merely a suggestion but i hope i can help you!
Hey Grant, might I suggest a smaller gear? If the main problem is cooling to fast, a smaller gear, with the copper at the same temperature should cast a lot easier than the larger size you've tried. Merely a suggestion but i hope i can help you!
Hossein Tavakolifard
I feel like you can do it with a plaster mold. Just glue the gear to the base and when you're pouring plaster into the box, try to get as much air out as you can by vibrating the box. Melting temperature of copper is 1085° Celsius and plaster can handle up to 1200° Celsius.
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