Argh. Why Is Copper So Difficult?

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6 attempts, and I still haven't figured out how to make a perfect copper cast.  Blame it on my OCD baby.  What are we missing here? 

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Emil Moryakov
Rocker Gator
I have
Nissa Chan
you have to put it in at different times then take some more to fill in cracks
dareen lim
I've seen casting before. try using a second box. then put a hole on either side for pouring the molten copper. and try using a wooden mold instead of Styrofoam. hope it helps.
Nonesuch Vlogs
I subbed and liked and turned on notifications
Unspeakable Playing
How about try pouring some of the melted copper first then heat it up again and uhh...that might work
Cristopher Tapia
I subscribed
Welp this is here
I think his problem was density the molten copper is far denser then sand causing it to float I think you should try harding the sand then pouring the copper
Boris .Rebić
Maybe use a clay mold? Also, try making a sword:D
Dead Thread
This vedio is soo frustrating and satisfying in the same time
srinjoy banerjee
i think it would be more fruitful if you use both the cope and drag
Imbar Hayon
you can use instant gypsum instead of sand and wait till it gets hard, then you can also remove the mold and pour the copper quite easily...
(Just an idea, I don't know if it's actually work)
William Westerbroek
You did it wrong
"my ocd is kicking in"
more clay in the sand ?
Kate Skochko
Try stepping away when you feel like re-doing something to "perfection." The hardest part of being an artist is knowing when to walk away.
I think its the moisture evaporating because of the molten coper, or maybe the coper cooled down while beeing poured making it denser?...... idk im not smart but its what comes in my mind while watching it
what if the sand was really wet?
Lizard Life5
What about plaster?
Rick Huerta
Awesome, make a guitar!
Great presenter, bad mechanic.
You should watch a Youtube video of someone who knows what they are doing.
Nicholas Towns
"Why cannot we get this to work"
Stryker Strikes
The reason that yours and kept on popping out is because you need to take a hammer or a wooden stake and hammer the sand and pack it down completely
DJ Shrys
I think you should have used clay...... instead of sand
Down Under Dan
I think you need to try and remove the styrofoam 'pattern' before pouring. It shrinks with heat and that could be dislodging your 3 'radioactive' sections of the mold. Also consider changing to a purpose made medium like Petrobond? Also, could the much denser copper be trying to 'float' the 3 sections? 🤔
Death Rider332
Your using the wrong styrofoam
Jeremiah Layer
U need a top layer of sand on ur gear ok
Presstube channel do a lot of casting with cooper and foam - take a look!

I think The sand youre using is not the correct one - or your method of pouring the sand is wrong - either way, there is a lot of channels of casting to learn more✌️
Hey man nice video, Can you do a video showing your chicken coop please? It looks nice and i wanna make something like it, thank you :)
la pong_YT
This is it! you are a gunius
Nene (Venichaya) Tangchalermkul
I made a copper heart and it took me about 3 tries
Team Epiphany ching
btw you melt the foam the metal
Team Epiphany ching
he has chickens
Joe Joe
You have ocd
Sand is packed hard enough. Vibrating and compacting it should be better and your sand matters too. Too wet or too dry.
Araav Paul
Try to use play dough like when you made the knuckles
isaac gaming
Try mixing in tin
XI Normalpiano IX
Its is the type of sand you must use
The Northern ArierEquation
Because of copper being a pretty dense and heavy metal a open mould with "loose" parts will often break , a closed mould would be much better. Also you need to use a much finer type of sand to make the mould stronger
Trippy Sly Cooper
why dont u just cover both sides of the gear and have a piece of metal to go in the gear and pour it in that way?
Keith Alan
You evidently didn't have metals shop in high school. You need to remove the Styrofoam and you need another sand mold but it just has a pour and vent holes in it.
this is not realistic enough, it's missing a lot of "beep" when the molds fell aparts!!! XD
Erik Compton
save it for halloween
Nathan Chase
I'm a big fan of your channel,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Melt candy and then make it back into CANDY PLS GO KING OF RANDOM
HAZ Gaming
Try using something besides sand?
Matthew Flynn
Don't open cast have some form of lid and agitate it
wet the sand.
That's cool bro
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