Argh. Why Is Copper So Difficult?

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6 attempts, and I still haven't figured out how to make a perfect copper cast.  Blame it on my OCD baby.  What are we missing here? 

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Prakriti Victoria
Chalcolithic people were better at casting hahahaha
Prakriti Victoria
Use POP instead of sand and wax instead of Styrofoam
Dragonin Gaming
I've done some bronze casting before, I'd suggest not doing an open faced casting since the sand floats up, but rather a closed casting. in other words take two sand boxes and shape the gear in both. put the two together, to have your complete shape and then put a pouring hole and a riser for air to escape
Richard Webb
Copper tubing is not pure copper, but a copper/tin blend, this is why the melt point is do high, it is known as "hard-drawn copper" getting "soft-drawn copper" would have a lower melt point, however, is significantly more expensive....
the moral of this video is... NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREEEAAAMS!!!
Flint Smith
You should watch a couple Myfordboy vids. If you were to enclose the mold (use both drag and cope) you could pour more confidently and thus FASTER.

Copper is 3 times more dense than aluminum and (I guess) 5 times more dense than sand. Those Nuclear Hazard symbols broke loose so they could float. The cope would fight that.

Store-bought greensand is stabilized with oil.
grant can you please melt styrofoam with acetone to make stuff
felix james
use a blowtorch to melt the foam
Brentan Sass
try mixing the sand with glue or something similar with a higher melting point and whipping it with an eggbeater
Thomas M. Jones
plaster of paris is your friend. Bake off the moisture in the oven before pouring your metal.
Grant, your problem is simple: sand is lighter than copper, so it floats. You bed to use something that makes sand heavier (iron powder?) or make your mold solid. As long as the sand can float up, it won't stay in place.
I like how you left all the trial and error in the vid. nice job grant!!!
Vincent Bours
Use concrete
Fernando Hernandez
Tito4re made a copper 5 pound apple, so maybe you could ask him how he did it
TheWeirdGirl Fun
The camera man really let the fire go to the camera!
yeah use a runner ...the sand isnt strong enough
Why not make sure the Styrofoam gear is completely covered covered with about an inch of sand on both the top and bottom and the follow up by making some sort of funneling system to pour the copper in through different parts of the mold? This method should prevent any of the sand from breaking off like that since it will be supported all the way through inside the cavity :P
Henry Zerbst
use plaster for the mold
Patrick Meyer
Mate, go watch some videos on how they cast bells and then come back to this.
Shannon McCabe
How would you be making a mold that poured from a different axis? So the box is made to lie on one of it's narrow sides.
m Whitsel
Grant try use like a glue or putty mixed in or red packing sand
Slade Kossnar
Hey grant dont use sand use clay for copper
Evan Hernandez
Just mill out the spokes of the cog.
diamond golem plays
ya jam it in
Rob Mckennie
What green sand recipe is that? it looks like slightly damp beach sand
Yilmaz Ayten
waterjet cut from plate
Dengineer C
I wonder , why don't you use concrete instead of sand ?
justin thomson
its not the coper its the mould try afferent mould casting method like scion sand
Alexander Gallegos
heat for a bit longer equals hotter copper. wet the sand to keep it cool and more solid. problem solved.
Crystal Branch
Don't use sand use dirt clay and pull the mold out before you pour.
lacossa nostra
use a plaster mold instead of sand !!!!!
Jason Roth
Try plaster and grog!
tamil kalith
sand you used is tha issue !!! you need to use different kind of molding sand !!! and you have to use closed mold as yifan said.... more then that you have to add little borax powder ... into the molten copper and clean the molten copper surface
Nawaz Ahmed Siddiqui
use sodium silicate sand with closed mold
Eleyea Raafat
you may add a wire or pilar to hold those pieces of sand that pop up every time you put the melted copper .. hope it works ..
Why not use potting clay for a mould? It should be a little more heat resistant and won't flat on top of the copper. I would really like to see if that works.
luciano passa
why sand? use dirt WTF
Nathan West
I think for copper you should make the sand mold with sand mixed with epoxy resin
the mold should be sturdy enough and won't fall apart
once the resin has hardened you can try to remove the gear or pour some acetone on it so it melts away

I think this should work perfectly althou I don't expect you to notice my comment and/or actually try it...
Morton Fisback
it's like coming back to ancient egyptian age, like you don't know nothing about copper melting, you didnt open any book, didint search online, you just empiricaly rediscover everything yourself... why? it's painfull to watch you..
Colin Cutler
Something you may want to try doing is a 2 part mold. Having a top to the mold may prevent the sand from lifting and breaking off.
Wildi Joe
use real molding sand and burn the styrophome down with a torch
Anders H
Wrong sand.
Captn Jack
Sand it to dry.
jay h
grant thompson what i would do is add another wodden frame ontop of the gear box frame and add a styrofoam tube straight up from the middle of the gear and add another layer of sand that way the centre pieces of the gear wont lift and u will get a perfect pour once the 2 pieces are pulled apart, sandwhich the cast as u make it unstable just pouring it straight onto the mould, it will helpout
i was thinking why dont u use the clay to make the mold if its not flammable
clay pollard
The sand probably gets moved from the weight of the copper you should make a cover for the sand spaces in the middle
forget the 3 inserts they're just causing trouble. cast it solid then drill out those bits later.
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