Laura Stanley
anyone can make a house but only a real man can make it his home
anyone can dig a ditch but ut takes a real man to fuck a bitch
Siℓvℯя ℱox
Problem? Nah bruh, in Denmark (At least every single school I've been to) you don't call your teacher by their last name, thats just weird. I doubt anyone even knows their teachers last names. (I sure dont) If you go up to your teacher and start calling them Mr./Mrs. (whatever their last name is) then everyone is gonna look at you weirdly and think you're on crack or something. We talk very causally with our teacher too, like ask about their personal life and stuff of course theres exceptions.
Anyone can dig a Ditch but it takes a real man To "Kill a Witch"
thePredman#9 lol
I've been wearing the same pyjama pants for 3 months straight, because I wear them to bed everynight, then wake up, and put my school pants OVER my pyjamas, then after school I take of my school pants and rinse and repeat...
Conrad Zak
Bro public schools ( in Australia) have uniforns
Danseh Yanou
Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to.....

bury the body
DreamRuins F16
Anyone can dig a ditch, but it takes a real man to...

Figure out real life isn't minecraft
kenziezieg fann
noor hawari
no one calls a teacher by her/his name here it would be soooo weird and disrespectful, you'll cal them teacher or miss/mister but probably teacher
Fire Spirit
Isaac Beck
I DIED!!hahahha
arroz soares
Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to fuck a bitch
random stuff
0:56 when tdm sees a dab
Timothy/Brian Huckey
I hear you live in AZ, as does I, would be cool to meet you someday haha
Abby Zeo
there was a guy in my class who was cool with my english teacher and he was so disruptive 🙄
S.gamer Beast
Anyone can dig a dich but I takes a real man to fuck a bich
Anyone can dig a ditch bit it takes a real man to climb out of it.
Destin Nelms
Twenty One Cry Babies At the disco
TheCrazyLittleGirl 20
Hahaha I'm in ninth grade and I literally have to do projects the same week as final exams and also the deadline in that week
L Sevensins
I always treat my teachers like they r from another realm. Means I don't want anything to do with them outside studying activity. I feel so uncomfortable talking to them if we accidentally meet outside the school. I often act like I didn't see them unless we have eyecontact or they call me first.
So, I hate when my friends who add the theachers to their social medias. Cuz there's a chance they'll find mine.
Like serously can u not??? I'm living a double life here n u r ruining it!!
Ryan Lam
anyone can dig a ditch bit it takes a real man to fuck a bitch

Totally stolen inspiration from down below (or up above).
Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to ...

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I think it was anyone can dig a ditch.
But it takes a real man to live in it
Omg I went to a school where literally everyday they would give you a new packet of homework. I made no friends at that school. But good thing, I was only there for like 2 weeks.
Panda of Liberty
420 and the # 69 why just no.:-!(^^)(^^)😘
Midnight the Ruby Fox Hybrid
0:55 That Was Me With My Art Teacher, We Were BEST. FLIPPIN'. FRIENDS.
My Art Teacher Even Got Me And My Sister (Sis Because She Was My Sister And SHe Was Some-What Cool With Midday Too) These Cute Lil' My Little Pony Plushies, And Got Me Into Designing A Mural For Zooworld! :D
Niklas Freidwall takes a real man to ditch a dig.
Honestly I feel like you had a bad teacher cause Mine was supposed to teach us creative thinking. Trying to see a different perspective & not just take sth literal.... Or at least that was the point until the school curiculum got butt fucked by the government cramming way too over blown program into the limited time we had for literature class. So usually when you cover a book you have every one read the thing & have a discusion about BUT since the curriculum got so over blown while the number of classes got cut down the idea of broadening the literary analitical capability of kids got kneecaped like a victim in a Segal Movie & you as a Teacher end up telling kids what conclusion about the piece they are supposed to (read have to) reach. Completly nullified the point of the class but thats standardised education for ya I guess. Yet some how the woman teaching me manage to get through to us what the class was intended for, teach it while rush in crazy through the curriculum & bitching how broken the system is cause " Carol its cool you like the book but we have like 3 more to get through before the school term is up & Its Bloody march l. Move on girl".... She never said anything like that but often things felt like she should
lol he could have said that snakes have 2 of something else but i think he means 2 penises, look it up they do :)
3:58 . . . But I like poetry :( ... wait.. Nah that actually would explain some things
Aphmeow Stuff
Stop it! STOP IT!!!! STOP IIIIIT!!!!!!!
Cadencee.x x
Anyone can dig a ditch..
But it take a real man to
Fuck your bitch.

Ninja LinkYT
4:44 dude the dankness though
Lauren McCommon
In 5th grade apex class, we did lateral thinking puzzles and they were my favorite part of the day...
Thomas Lenstrohm
the most useless class a person can take in school is latin
Marvelyn Ramirez
My favorite lateral thinking puzzle is: A man with a cauliflower tattoo on his arm gets on a bus and another man with the same tattoo in the same spot follows him on. The first man gets off and the second follows him off then murders him. The next day, five men are sent a box. Inside the box is an arm with a cauliflower tattoo. The five men look into the box and nod. Why did the five men nod at the arm?"
Vera R
Anyone can dig a ditch
But it takes a real man to.....


idk where that came from
Phil Beckner
Anyone can dig a ditch but is takes a real man to fill it with the corpses of his enemies
TimberTokyo Tekikujimo
Anyone can dig a ditch but a real man can bury himself alive

damn suicide
BMB Xexon
5:10 Pay attention to how many times he says the letter P
David Jackson
I wonder if James went to a prepitory school.
Official BarBQ71
Anyone can working dig a ditch but it takes a real man to fuck a bitch
Alex S
It takes a real man to stick his dick in it
Zoltar Wolfe
Public schools have lockers dipshit
Anyone can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to fuck a bitch 😎😎😎
Kitty On Paper
I need some love, my sprained my ankle and I'm very sad about it.
flashy trashy
anyone can dig a ditch
but it takes a real man to fuck a bitch
cause it rhymes
finger guns
Dr kitty1410 msp
Where's the ice cream
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