Super Mario Odyssey - Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017

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Join Mario on a massive, globe-trotting 3D adventure! Use his incredible new abilities to collect Moons that power up your airship- the Odyssey, and rescue Princess Peach from Bowser’s wedding plans! Super Mario Odyssey is available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch!

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Laquica Watts
jason reds
Pauline at the end.
That girl Tara
Damn puberty hit hard for yoshi
Hung Le
Nintendo I need this game and Nintendo switch pls Nintendo your the best
Rarity 498
Does anyone know what song that is?
Ace red
i think buy a nintento switch for this
Laurie McCarthy
Nintendo, can u make super mario odyssey for the ads
I want this to Nintendo 3DS
Jeremias Altamira
Hola buenas tardes me llamo Jeremías y Mario es lo máximo
Veronica Ramsay
I am a big fan for Mario ☺
1:40 When you get caught sucking dick
Josue Carnero
0 days left

Cause it already came out
Andrés Javier Hernández Jurado
Me agrada el Mario rana
Apex 22
Das spiel ist cool
My favourtie anime
wyatt rogers
Open world?
VvsVlogs - Randomness and More!
Almost as many views as the Content Cop: Jake Paul

suck my dick, ricegum
Mario is slaying the game world for years
Adrien Barger
The song is so catchy
Look at you peasants... living in the past waiting for odyssey....
Slent the Explorer - Immersive Fantasy Travel, Venture and Journey
mario hat trex bro count me in
Nintendo Club
Love this game
I live for this Game 🎮
platuim knight
Let's see...
Switch sales are through the roof,
Legend of zelda breath of the wild, super Mario Odyssey and other recent successes... Meanwhile Nintendo haters are either sweating nervously or frothing at the mouth in rage of Nintendo's newfound success.
gerbil Gaming
ive watched this a bagajillion times
Brian plays Nintendo
how many times have I played this game? more then splatoon2 lol
Anthony Caban
i got for my kids for Christmas and i can't wait to play it !!!🙃 this sucks cause i have it and can't play it lol until i give it too my kids!!!
Remember the only dislikes are Sega Xbox and Playstation fans.
Rango LP
I love it
Slow Person
Just look how far Mario has come
Edvin Aristondo
The final cutscene was disappointing because of what Peach did😢
Vønique Cheshire
Sml jeffy amiibo now please
Stereo Sheet
I'm a hardcore gamer I own both the Xbox one and the ps4 my favorite games are stuff like witcher 3, metal gear solid 5 , battlefield, wolfenstine. but after doing alot of research and just being amazed at what the Nintendo switch is bringing to the table I purchased a switch this past Friday and I haven't been a fan if Nintendo since the N64 but the switch is such an amazing piece if hardware I love it! and I look forward to what the future brings
Jeremy Couture
What happened to Mario in 1:03
Brice Vrijsen
Ik hoop dat er nog meer rijken uitkomen
Lolbit The Fox
dont need bags or pass say the word ill be there in a flash
rjune andrew
Yo I cry because I've been waiting for this game in years ever since Mario 64 came out I've waited for another game and here it is
I don't need it...I don't need it...
I definitely don't need it...
I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't need it...

random user
All I gotta say 10/10 good job never played a good mario game since mario 64 ,sunshine and galaxy enjoy this more
Demon Kid828
don't get me wrong, love this all. but this song in it...amazing.
champion wizar
Gta en mario bros SIIIIIIIIIIIIIII
Ezequiel Paz
By Odyssey
Sodium chloride
Inverted Skill
I think it’s time for me to go Back to Nintendo after 5 years of Microsoft
Don't you know it's time to raise our sales?
Gamer U
Le mode corde à sauter est franchement vraiment abusé. 100 MAIS COMMENT VOULER QUE L'ON RÉUSSIIIISE C IMPOSSIIIIIIIIIIIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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