I just ventured over to other game trailers made by different companies and the comment sections are sooo toxic and critical. Can we all agree that even if Nintendo may seem just for kids, it really isn't. They've had their ups and downs, but no matter what they've built their games around what brings people together for fun. From what I've seen, us Nintendo fans are super nice to each other for the most part, and I'm glad to be part of it. Two more months my friends, two more months :)
this reminds me of fallout new vegas and i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT
god dammit this makes me so happy

like the colorful animation with the music and everything just YESSS
Fido and the cakes
Did anyone else think that Mario may be going mind over mutan style?
Surrealist Gal
I really like that song. It's cheesy, but it makes me feel nostalgia for anime from the mid nineties.
Tangram l'Obtus
The biggest power of super Mario is not to jump, to fly in space nor to possess a T-Rex. His biggest power is to give you smile.
GTA deluxe
Kris Gamer
Can we I be a moon?
Kris Gamer
The song sounds like duck tales
Mikj Kaj
This game absolutely need to be more difficult than the previous ones
Hamid Hussaini
Wow! There are more views than people who bought the Wii U! And more people than people who watched the breath of the wild trailer.
Douglas Sheridan
This new adventure of Mario has a reference to The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap and The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. If you want to know, look more closer in these events. I'm sure You'll find those references.
This looks like a good game and I love the music! :D
gavin and codey
my life long dream to be a goomba is true wait goombas can wear hats omg
Analyn Cruz
I Love That Song
Mario Mzkiz
I like the song
Harris Kekos
Make the super Mario rpg legend of the seven stars remaster for the Nintendo switch.☺☺☺
Super Zach 2005
Oddessy yes see = donkey kong theme
The trap Brothers
People:there's no way that Nintendo can top E3. Nintendo:hold my beer
Trail Mix
More like Super Mario Anime. This song just SCREAMS One Piece.
Samuel Leon
Only 2 More Months!!! Like If You Are Excited!! 😁😁
Eric Nguyen
You see Luigi, when a pisano puts his spaghetti noodle in a Mama Mia's ravioli, a little bambino covered in prosciutto comes out about nine months later.
mario's nose has ragdoll physics. best. mario game. ever.
NJF Productions
i just want this in my life
Chill T
You got my pre-order, Nintendo! I gotta admit, I rarely pre-order stuff.
Gian-is- Here
Im triggered not because this trailer no, its because i saw a notice/roumor that mario will not have the mexican suit in the actual game an that dishonred mexicans/ or just like me that im from latin america
Soul Killer
Is it normal that I can’t stop replaying this?
Yayyy!!! We hit 3 million subscribers!
2:16 I wonder if that was Daisy
what if a magic hat was controlling a plumber to do crazy things like drive go carts, save a princess and be a doctor?? Nah, that'd be crazy.
laos baoTV
Hey guys, I have a question. Do you think this will be a VERY long video game, like 80+ hours?
irma nathalia
thank's you nintendo
disney Nickelodeon Nintendo toys
1:47. Amiibo suits confirmed
can we just take a second to appreciate how baller Bowser looks?
NaMe Of A pErSoN
If this is a Sucsess, than 2017 will be the year of platforming. Everyone will be happy. With Sony lovers you have Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy, with the Classic lovers you have Sonic Mania. If Mario Odyssey is a good game, then the Nintendo Fans will be amazed. GREAT
Lucina Moonlight
i wish this game and some others would come to steam
Mega Gamer
now i can see why we havent had a traditional 3d mario since 2010.
just noticed the sound the deviant art massacre boss's cubes make is the same as the JoJo crystal in Mania
Bret Donohue
The new Golden gate bridge kingdom image leak for Mario Odyssey looks
absurd, like dodging oncoming vehicles and falling to the bay below...
game of the year yall
In a nutshell, Mario now possesses innocent creatures by throwing his hat at them?
Play with fox Crazy
I wish they had a nother lugies mansoin game
all this time we thought mario was the plumber, turns out mario is actually the red hat.
Augusta Fleming
oh god no spaltoon face on the hat ahhh haahah mario you brain washed the spaltoons you kipnapped one
faithful 63
Super Mario Galaxy 3, when?
Mlgmasterofyore !
I'm more exited about this than halloween πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Evangelina Voma
Bruh , I'm still playing on my 3DS help.
Shadow Freddy 789
Weed Snorkeler
ok this is the 5th time i've watched this trailer... today
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