Rikshaw223 Rikshaw223
I would love to hear this analog sound system for myself, for frequency range, power, quality & signal to noise ratio.
e-lectron don
Interesting products. However, please increase the temperature of your soldering irons used for these soldering jobs and also add liquid or jelly flux where necessary for the proper adherence of the solder to the component joints/leads and the circuit board tracks.
A5 Kobe
i can feel the hype jizzing out from the horns....
Abdulghani Bukhari
Whats the name if the song in the beginning
GuitarMD Pittsburgh
Really? . . . . Products like these are GOD's way of tellin' ya', yer' makin' too much freakin' money . . . .
Why the hell Handcrafting a big shit to US and Europe......Every fuckin thing is bloody hand crafted in Asia...!!! we dont sell a 10$ shoes at 1000$ by saying its italian handcrafted.
So you can take the simple shit that mankind has been doing from ages and call it "Handcrafted" to sell it very highly priced.....!!! Thats consumerism - Thanks America..!!!
steve ducell
hummmm..........i thought my soldering was bad.
test test
kids in africa could have eaten that slate...
First step. Give me $300,000
fuck you
J Peach
amount sold:
Definition of placebo LFMAO
What an arrogant dick...
5:33 those look like they come from a cheap guitar amp
Production cost: $ 25
Andrew Serrata
Nailed it.
Faris Ali
Eh. My def techs sound just as good LOL
I'm pretty sure that the aerospace industry doesn't use tubes anymore...
Walter Marlin
How a sucker is made
Benny Avina
I Own One Of These there simply the best
Holy fuck, that soldering ... aerospace - my ass!
Rohan Gisiawan
Just buy a whole festival setup that's with lights and all that other stuff
He's never seen aerospace level electronics obviously...
what a load of pointless cock, waste of money and resources plus all your designs are ugly as fuck
Jeroen Haan
By the way, I am listening on my brand new 24 bits 196kHz BeatsAudio DAC, old active 3.5 way Altec Lansing when they still built High End speakers. perfectly flattened 40Hz-16kHz range within a few dB thanks to EQ ADO, found it on SourceForge, I had no clue about programmable paramatric equilizers...
Jeroen Haan
I am laughing at the comments. This guy is a good business man. If he can sell speakers for 300.000 USD per pair then he is my man.
Secondly he talks about Elvis performing live through his speakers. He knows where he is talking about. Performance is what matters and then you have the natural materials, special design and handmade craftwork with attention to details. He is my man! Oh, his lab.... like a living room. Well, that is a very direct approach. It's not a clean industrial appraoch but an artists approach. It's one on one. You don't buy clean lab stuff but something that sounds, looks, feels and smells natural. Something that you pass on to next generations.
Johnny Alvis
that video is not nearly as impressive as they think it is
Akif Akyel
TL; DR version: overpriced AF!
Anushanth theboss
pass the aux
Matthijs Roovers
Rediculous argumentation, crappy electric work. $300.000,- worth of BS.
Nick W.
How a $300,000 Marketing Term is made.
but all the products look over sized and ridiculous
Nordic Muslim
How much you think that saw costs without googling it. Must be nuts.
Cal M
Aerospace level stuff. Hahhhahahaha
Vinicius Martini
So much bullshit im drowning in it
Jan Baars
Look dude... if you wanna reproduce what the artist meant it to sound like, then buy the monitor speakers that were present in the studio.

Haha. This whole market is was created based on this lie that only those companies could make speakers that will make your records sound "the way the artist intended it".

Ruy Oliveira
For 300k you could buy a professional concert sound system, this is complete horse shit. Professional mastering studio speakers do not cost this much.
Armando Alvarez
name of the intro song?
Cheap ass zip ties, shit soldering and wire layout.... Yeah 'highest grade'. Not worth a few hundred bucks.
Yeah. All labor and equipment included there's no way that these should cost more than 10.000$. I'd say 1000$ is a stretch.

300.000$ is an absurd sum. I really hope noone ever bought this for real.
the real price of this is 4500 $
Feliciano Montoya
There's a lot of pretentiousness here. The best part is how the thinks hes the only company to make hand-jointed speaker enclosures. I make those... and I will soon be offering them for sale through my company, and I am not the first, and neither was this guy.
oh my god, I don't think I've ever seen so much shit spew from one mans mouth
Jacob Cowart
This guy sounds so pretentious
Rhys Morgan
After spending 90% of my life so far in the hi-fi industry, I can confirm this is 100% bull crap.
Osman Ay
Just go with Bose you will love it and it's affordable. This guys talks bullshit and he knows it.
tendervittles doobiestein
For people with too much money and zero clue.
Cold Akin
fire your solderer.
drew ostrowski
can i call bs on the aerospace quality? are we talking aerospace 1970?
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