Kit Harington’s Epic April Fools Day Prank On Rose Leslie - The Jonathan Ross Show

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Kit's family does April Fools every year. Rose's doesn't.

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Shiva Katkoori
Angela Moran
So whats next? Hugh Jackman's Epic Turd Only After One Week Of Intense Bulking With Scott Atkins?
Kris La
He is so beautiful like how
CEO of YouTube
He looks like Devin booker
Lucas Rackley
Because Harrington is so serious on camera, I never really thought of him being the prankster type.
Samina Apa
Must be true love if she saved the Brita Filter.
Paras Majmundar
that was funny
Komisches Fangirl
He´s a true Game of Thrones actor damn it
That's for telling me that i know nothing!!! XD
Andrea Roll
"you know nothing!"
"well actually....."
TVT Canada
گفت و گوی جشنواره تیرگان با شاهو عندلیبی درباره موسیقی ایرانی: پیام موسیقی همواره صلح است
Joshua Cowling
Great Move, Sherlock lol
Artem T-rex arms Lobov
You know nothing john Snow!
..... where did he get the head?
Qulsoom Razaque
Angela Bowers
When you have the same water filter as Jon Snow 😂
Norman Singh
I'm surprised that she didn't blacken his eye....
Stephanie Fowler
Expected a spider 😳🤔
When did Liv tyler get fat?
Beyza Çalık
biri türkçe altyazi koyabilir mi
Who is that braindead retarded woman next to Kit?
Has anyone asked why this Jon Snow severed head prop even exists? Assuming he borrowed it from the set, the mere existence of it doesn't bode well for Jon in season eight. Hope I'm wrong.
Flying Spaghetti Monster
That girl is a dumb bitch lol
Andy Mitchell
Did anyone pause it at the moment it showed the head just to see what kind of stuff he has in his fridge?
Kit Harrington know something! Pranking Rose Leslie😂
of course he's seen it, he filmed it!
Never More
multimillionaire idiot
Wtf poor Leslie kit your so sick for doing that to her 😂😂😂
Abbe Satty
'It's April foll, what's the maAAar Rose'
Tom Roller
All hail the king of April Fools!
Xariel Xandersoon
I think part of her realized at one point that it was a joke, that's why she wasn't quite so hysterical and only really shocked in the first moment. I think that's why she was present enough to save the filter :D
Brianne Freer
Kit I love you dude but WTF? You are lucky she didn't deck you.
Ktip Bomb
Kit is one sexy asshole lol poor Rose
JP amezcua
Can't wait to see what he does on Halloween.😂😁😈
Grandpa the Grey
My compliments Mr. Harrington. Hard to beat the old bloody head in the fridge April Fools prank. Think of all the fun we could have if all of us had access to a special effects crew who could mold a bloody head, or several, in our own likeness. Send one to our exes on our anniversary with a note reading "can't live without you". Leave one at the door of the local Police Department. The possibilities are endless.
Jon Snow definitely knows something.

He knows how to scare the crap outta people. OAO
I don't recognize Lesli at all in this? Is that even her? what
who was filming the reaction?
That’s completely fucked up.
poor Wose
That was CRAZY!!
Pek Vek
Not so much "wildling woman" now eh, dumb bitch
Mikaela Chiquitita
guess Ygritte can get scared too after all 😂
Sgt Smokey
An end the relationship threat not to do it again is enough for me to end it there and then
Johnny Skinwalker
He really is his adoptive father's son!
Patrick Ah Wong
Was thinking oh must be a fake mouse or spider at the least inside.
America's Team #OdellhandsstillinMiami
Everyone looking at kit's head in fridge, while I'm over here looking at what food they have to eat
Baris R. Malkoc
Baris R. Malkoc
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