cookie cake
So I'm in a country called Kuwait and my sis is married and she went ti America with her husband aaannnndd she went to Chicago.and hues what in which hotel she stayed? Yup this one.she called my mam and Saud that she kept on hearing voices of man saying hurry get out and I'm freaked all happened 2 months ago
Valentína Orolinová
Man you're so serious I kinda feel bad for laughing
skylar allison
But heres the thing everyone forgets when it comes to the organ trafficking myth: blood types. The body wont take an organ that its uncompatable with, and an organ wont stay viable long enough after its been removed from the body to be tested for compatibility, let alone to be sold. It's impractical, there are wayyyy easier ways to make money on the blackmatket. And not to mention other risks like blood infections (like HIV/AIDS). The people harvesting the organ wouldn't know if the "Donor" had a disease like that or not. A big time celebrity like Selena Gomez isn't gonna take that risk.

Its a fun theory to think about, but you really shouldn't be scared of it. Its all just myths and fun :)
Cristian Lopez
The Dodgers going to the W.S is just a big GOVERNMENT distraction
Heather Andrews
HEY I have the same National Sarcasm Society shirt as that girl, coolio,
sodium and chlorine
ok just mentioning this, but one of my teachers' sisters is "a surrogate for an A list celebrity" and she's not legally allowed to tell us who the baby's for?? so there's a slight chance that I have a mild connection to kim's baby lol
Grizzly Bear Gamer
Shane the warning on tv where he said that Aliens are coming. You Shane put that same clip in a video Scary proof that Aliens exist
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia
Wendy Garcia
Steffany Martinez
The hotel staff had nothing to do with Kanika Jenkins... No offense to her parents or anyone, but the footage clearly shows her walking into the freezer... she was drunk at a party with her "friends" and stumbled into the kitchen. It's heartbreaking, but I personally love Crowne Plaza. I've stayed there plenty of times and the staff is lovely, they had nothing to do with her cause of death. I hope I didn't offend anyone, this is just me giving the facts of what happened.(you should check out the footage that her friends recorded instead..
Shane check IMVU problably Miquela is using it to creat her avatar! I’m sure she’s using that..
Veronica Rivera
Bork Bork
That wasn't sleep paralysis that was fucking future visions you can see shit in the future
mikelarry2010 solved kennika murder go to hes channel fucking nooooooooowwwww
Kass Kass
This was scary
JJ Productions
Shane you now how Miquela posts random videos of her moving on Instagram and then how few videos ago you reacted to that Barbie cartoon character who does makeup tutorials and stuff like that,I'm pretty sure that they might be working together because if you think about that Barbie cartoon looks like miquela
Baily The Bobcat
shane plz
plz have a sergate and have a baby
or at least adopt
please shane
you need to Mary ryland and then have a baby! It'll be perfect <3
you'd be an awesome father, despite ur jokes
MissMousii x
Kenneka Jenkins autopsy report showed no injuries to the vaginal area, and that all organs were still intact.
Your dad
Bullshit you didn’t hear shit at your hotel
R . H
I’m never gonna watch the Fetish music video the same way anymore 😂😂😂
Lucy Murphy
Wasn’t the clip of the guy talking about area 51 found a while ago?
The area 51 videos are fake their old videos you can search it on google
Aaron BlockerT
Of shane stops talking about Lil Miquela then we know for a fact that he got it right because I doubt KARLIE would like it if her whole scheme was blown because of him so let's keep watch lol.......
if you guys want more information and in depth theories, look up Kendall Rae's video on Kenneka Jenkins its p good!!
Pastelz FTW
Back for more conspiracies to FUCK ME UP.
Emily Sutter
I’d call lil Miquela fake but she not as fake as all the bitches at my school...
Mavi Kartozu
You are still promoting that girl and I'm sick of it Shane.
Dani A
Ok wait... so how the hell that freezer had no lock no security whatsoever? Why would she even go inside there just like that? It seems like something caught her attention. Maybe she heard a noise or something idk that video just doesn’t add up
Nikolė Daranda
My Lilmiquella theory is that she is Carole (I don't know how to write her name)
And that her boyfriend Started an art project and then he saw that people where interested so they continued and where like we can do brand deals and everything and then started music remember when James Charles send you that video maybe that was her boyfriend and he is managing the account ? Like they have similar necklaces they look similar but actually can be that she is the girl a company is paying them to do brand deals and they hired a professional 3d artist and they just take photos and that's wayyyy to far sorry hehe :)) like so Shane can see
IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING THE KENNEKA JENKINS STORY: The Chicago Police Department have agreed to release the footage at some point in the near future, but they did say that it presents more questions than answers.
I think kims surrogate has already been photographed now?
12:04 bih I’ve seen enough paranormal vids to kno that’s from a radio show that was later exposed as a hoax. Same for the 2nd one !
RatnaWati Kasmidi
I know what is that 'emergency alert' one.It was a phone call between a man who worked at area 51 and an police officer i think.He was trying to tell them about area 51 but was really scared.
The crazy thing is that I live in Chicago.
i sa
The radio one , the first one is fake it’s actually from some type of phone call.
AmSha Nova
Look how skinny kinika is compared to the girl in the video u showed her stumbling in
Tristin Vermillion
Did anyone relise shane talked about the area 51thing in another video it was in a talk show in 1997
Ian Keel
SHANE! Does that not sound like that one guy who was on the radio show years ago? You did a video on this a while ago! They sound like the same guy. The guy from before claimed he worked at Area 51 and now the guy from the California government broadcast it sounds like that guy again! Please read this is has me SHOOK!!!??!!?
Clairebear 723
I'm ok we not dead
Same 99
welp, I'm dead.
Kaylynn Wade
Glad I stayed at my Mom’s friend’s house when I went to Chicago
Diamond 2.0
Do one of Melanie Martinez
Lame Josie
"Okay, here is where it gets CA RA ZEE!" My fav sentence
Joseph Stalin
Goku Ssgss
I remember the emergency alert I was scared super scared but nothin happened
Kawaii Creeper
Kenika used to live in my home town. Please pray for everyone in chicago
I am severely freaking shook like i will never stay at a hotel again after hearing about this
Lauren uncensored
Idc Idc, there is no way Kenneka could've opened that freezer door by herself. Especially while she was intoxicated
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