If You Hate Conor McGregor Watch This • It will Surely Change Your Mind

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comarx damirandz
bad mouth with a good heart..
I'm the 15mil view 🔥😂
Red Dawg
15,000,000 viewer
Fuck McGregor , He A Lil Biiiiiiiiitttccchhh .
Johnjmcdonagh 54
This video didnt change my mind i was watching conor since 2010 "THE NOTORIOUS"
Brayden Barnett
Fuck Connor mcgregor
Renz F
First 5 seconds: What a great dork
Other 7 mins and 15 seconds: Goddam Connor, my feels
No hes still a Pikey and Mayweather is going to knock him out
Sam Williams
Coner fans have to shut up honestly it's like they don't hate other fighters? Hypocrites
Hawaii Carmasters
He's doing his job. Being entertaining. I like him cause he beats the cocky out of all the prideful fighters.
Hiram Martinez
You're a real champ bro like the way you think I like the way you are you're good people👍🏼👍🏼UP
Antonio J. Jimenez
Still a dick and will get an ass whooping august 26th
im all for makig enough money to set you for life and everything but tleast defend a title first you twat, literally my only problem with this man
Your moms Face
Still hate him
mike valadez
fick them hater's
Conor McGregor is a smart guy his personality is just a act to promote​ him self and it work pretty good now his gonna get pay so much money fighting Floyd Mayweather..
Mark Johnson
5 millionth viewww
world wrestling elite
hate him more now
Miguel Rodriguez
I don't hate him I just felt like watching it though
I watched to tip the scale mcgregor is my life
Jp De Guzman
wow mg gregor! so kind of you. what a heartwarming story & I still hate you!!!
Badge Man
Paul Coffey
Thought I was going to be the 15th million viewer
Thebig _greendinosaur
What should I watch if I hate Donald Trump
He basically does and say what ANY other fighter/athlete would do or say. There's nothing about this that would sway anyone from thinking differently than what they already think of him.
Richard Keller
Still hate him. Likes kids, so what? It's his disrespect for everyone else that makes me hate him.
Dream World
15 millionth view muthafucka
Jose Goodman
Steveen Xd
Quien odia al king connor!! ? sooptmdre!!!
nope, publicity stunt.
King Horizing
Conner vs Mayweather
Who you got
luka yt gamer
it didn't change my mind i still hate him #Brock #Lesnar #Better
turn off the music god damn it.
Zaidiel Cardoza
as a huge mayweather fan and fan of boxing much respect to McGregor because he understands the importance of selling an image to sell fights 👍
sonic and daxter
didn't change my brother cuz he a Broad!!
NSR Nation
Who else watched this even tho they like Conor 😂
Ben Brooks
Lopinto Broz
Nope still hate him
Whos Conor McGregor? xxD
Castro Joseph
pacquiao never accepted his lost to floyd, thats why floyd doesnt want to rematch him, pac is an asshole
Christian Cain
15,000,000th view
Dong Dong
Nope, I still hate him.
Kum on thug Stop playn
I like conor now but he still going to get his ass whipped
Is he irish
Alchemistic Academician
The problem with all the sports analogies that people compare it to, eg. "this is like Lebron playing in the Superbowl" or some such shit; is that Conor has been training boxing his entire MMA career. I mean straight boxing with shoes and big gloves. He's been boxing since he was a kid. I'm not saying that in any way closes the vast gap in boxing skill between him and Floyd, but he's competent is what I'm saying. He's not going to look like he has no idea what he's doing.

And also, no matter how absurd this may sound: he 100% believes he's going to knock Floyd out. Not 99%, 100%. He probably believes in his ability vs Floyd more than anyone Floyd has ever fought. I know it's hard to believe but trust me, he is convinced he's gonna win. This isn't only a money grab for him. He's going in to get after it, which will make for an entertaining albeit probably shorter fight.

If Conor approaches the press conferences like he has done in the past, you'll see what I mean. Floyd might be bullshitting about how he thinks this is competitive, but Conor 'knows' this is competitive. It's proper David and Goliath shit here.
Lachie Stiffle
Trae Day
Nope; still can't stand him.
Firebrand Onfire
Because he is fucking human ....... not a UFC robot. UFC is fighting show business and Conor is a paid actor for this purpose, that's his job. But the man is human first.
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