Sho Kurata
We love Putin here in Japan!!! ;))
Rusty Schacleford
I'm an Indian you know? You know what an Indian is? You want coca? I got that too
Tod Shopov
Putin was never a spymaster.
He merely worked for KGB but never recruited anyone.
Reason - his instructors and assessors at KGB were adamant - he's not suitable for fieldwork.
Clarine Berry
GREAT PUTIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Don Smajlovic
This whole Russia collusion thing is the effect of the extreme shock the Washington establishment suffered when totally unexpectedly Trump won the presidential election , the first sign of this was the reaction Shumer on that night addressing the crowd in the democrat base of operations , or I should say the lack of reaction and total bewilderment in the eyes of Shumer and Hillary not even showing her face to talk to supporters , that was the extent of their shock and when the initial shock wore off they went on witch hunt attacking Trump and anyone associated with him with wild accusations of being a Russian spy , when that didnt quite fly they went down to collusion and secret meetings even accusing Trump of doing his official job directing diplomats to talk to Russian officials which is something EVERY administration did , the state of politics in the US has so far degenerated that it will take a miracle to return to normal which in turn it hasnt been for two decades
Raul d35
If Hillary would've won, would you blame Russia for it?
No, so stfu and leave Russia out of this
Russia has more free speech than the United States. Anyone who thinks otherwise has not been to Russia.
Joel T135 EAS RSMV
We don't believe in the Russian intervention with the election but still something wasn't right about the election. Gerrymandering and/or voting suppression.
Joel T135 EAS RSMV
Fake News From Russia With Love
I have never seen such nonsense from the US. The US is meddler #1 throughout the world, and the greatest meddler in US elections is Israel. Investigate that.
Alex G
Fire this stupid b.
AJ Burns
Megyn Kelly not ready for the big leagues. Probably why NBC hired her. She was completely unprepared for Putin. She is a fake news reporter. I didn't think she could be any worse than she was at Fox. Interview was completely edited as well.
Victoria Fedotova
кто-то должен мне объяснить почему эта версия намного короче русской, разве можно вырезать важные моменты
Vincent zietsman
Putin destroyed her in the real interview.
preben svensson
Bless on Putin and the good Russian people...
The Europeans say :
We don`t want the N W O
We don`t want the corrupt E U
We don`t want the Islamic Invasion of Europe
"statement of fact" putin got her good
Abraham Lahera
Fix the subtitles
Follower of the Apocalypse
I hate to admit it but I believe him
John Mark Dibert
Trump supporters hacked the us election
John Mark Dibert
Putin is right , it's the USA could hack itself for it's better
The more and more I see/hear Putin speak, I can't help but realize he is LIGHT YEARS smarter and more well-spoken than that buffoon Trump... . .
Klaus Mühlbach
Look, Russians.
It's kind of naïve to believe in a strong man. Isn't it?
Ruslan Nagiev
Putin is most powerfull in the world.
Vladimir Bond !
Dominika Slovakia
"Then the former KGB agent...."? really? Demonizing much Kelly?
By the way, the CIA are basically hired killers for multinational corporations, so the KGB is a million times better and more moral than American Intelligence Services. I disagree with Putin on free speech issues, LGBT rights, and a few other issues, but on most issues he is right and honest. And he lifted Russia up from civil war and utter chaos, so he should be credited for that.
Was President Putin actually elected ? .I don't believe it .Really ? .
Dan Bracket_fredyfrankle1
I love putin strong leader
When is the US going to allow a Russian journalist to sit on a panel like this and ask questions to the POTUS.
Scottie Griffin
Wow Go get her Putin
Christian M
They cut out the part where he talks about jfk assassination and the most important diplomatic stuff, usa mass corruption is so clear now but you cant do it on a platform like here. I can simply go and see the full interview. But i bet this was the official broadcast to the American people through television.
It's All About FUN
Unbelievably great lier - Putin .
Super Kitty Show
lol this is edited material!!! Who do you think we are??? We aint stupid. FULL INTERVIEW or dont bother.
I would trust Putin on anything before I trust NBC
James Daniel Smith
Putin is more trustworthy than Kelly thats for sure
Raf S.
Is Megyn Kelly still working for NBC News? Such an "intelligent" questions all the real....NOT
Dawid Was
Путин смычка
Dawid Was
Путин смычка
Dawid Was
Путин дал мне поклоняться на первом круге
Martin Lopez-Servin
Im 100% Healthy, I Can Prove That My Health Is Not A Risk. Yesterday I Was Working Inside A Restaurant, Im Not Going To Point Directions.. But She Had The Balls To Sit Down And Drink A Beer In Front Of Me.. And Then She Had The Balls To Say That From Her Point Of View, I Was "Crazy" When I Was Not Doing Anything But Being A Nice And Polite Worker.... The World Is Coming To An End....
Martin Lopez-Servin
I don't Believe The Media Nor Their Fake Stories.
Nia Blue
Don't know whether to thumbs up for President Putin or to thumbs down for Megyn Kelly
Artyom Vladimirovich
На 7:26 в субтитрах sanction вместо sensation (или как там по-английски). Путин говорит слово "сенсация" в винительном падеже, а перевели как "санкции".
Saikal Emil
NBC cut the Interview! This is NOT a Full Interview !!!
JD Hoov
No Megyn... There isn't any consensus, other than you're aging eye-candy. Nothing more.
Megyn Kelly is fake news
David Ryan
Megyn is a fool
Anja Black
He is a handsome man!
xkrisgx G
He has a point.
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