Mariah Billingsley
mark dohner😂😂
Julia Hearn
Oh hi mark!
Adult Horrible
Chance the rapper is dangmattsmith
Willa Montgomery-Johnson
Bart baker how would you like it if people made fun of you for being fat or for the sound of your voice. plz answer
HumanToyChica MMD
maura puro
omg mark i love u so much❤😂
bruno marv
Mark Donher being the waiter hahahahahaha he saying sir stopp eattting
iTz IntegritY
Is that Mark Dohner?
Isaac Mcfadyen
Mark dohoer in the song
Gymnast Chelsea 2
Oh hi mark!❤️😂
savage ninja
that was funny jb fat boi
Kiara Johnson
Sarah Jensen
yo mark I see you donation and you to matt
Ikhlas Faisal
Mark dohner is in it what the hell
the fake DJ Khaled sorta looks like Drake in this parody LOL
The Clara show
Why don't you let people sing with their real voice instead of yours
Maeve Byrnes
Fat shaming Khaled... lol I'm just a hater
Joshua -Clash Royale Videos
Who dosent rap sing or make beats because he's useless? Why his name is DJ Khaled
Isabella Hunter
So basically what they're doing here is making fun of Dj Khaled's weight for about 3 minutes... fat jokes - how original.
Somebody Nobody
Matt smith
Krislyn Horton
Matt dang Smith
Krislyn Horton
mark dhoner
Ariadna Ortiz
This is the worst parody I have seen in my life !😐
Binyamin Goldman
Oh hi mark
Kaidyn Griffith
Mark from Logan paul vlogs he is the one with the sandwiches
Deathlord10 Gaming
Savage Puppy
oh hi mark!
chelsea reed
y did I at first think Bart was Justin lol
Luke Shipley
Loving mark in this
injustice 2
wtf is dangmattsmith in it
Itayi Tagarisa
oh hi Mark 😂😂
J &' G pranks
I see mark.!! logans roomate litt.#!💯
Rudey Parra
Is chance the rapper dang Matt smith
Gabriel Ortega
I wonder were he was the water is logans freind
Aji Dela Cruz
oh hey mark
this is honestly the most cringe shit ive seen ever you literally only made this to piggie back off the popularity of the real song adn yet you try to make jokes about how dj khaled takes credit for the talent of others, you really are just a hippocrit piece of shit
R3KT Ares0413
He looks more like nav
Imagine this got more views than the real im the one video lmfaooo
Jenasie Craig
is that ... Mark as the butler and matt Smith as chance the rapper
Always Bored
Hello mark
Redshadow GamingTV
they roasted dj kalihd hard 😂
San Goten
Georgia Willis
a dangmattsmith
That lace front beard tho 🤣🤣🤣
Caleb Howard
Mark doner...Dohnation
I like hooked more than yarn
Z Dude Hype
is that Matt?
Wolf365 Gamer
Oh my god! Mark?
Is that Matt smith
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