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Today we take on the task of fishing for Countrys bike! You will not believe what happens! Blew our minds :) Thank you so much for being here and for sticking by our sides. 
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

YOU are not going to believe what happens in this vlog! HAHAHA! Thanks for sharing with friends and family :) Smash that little like button if you have a second. Love ya! See you Tomorrow.
Hootie Hayesvlogs
Zesue died
Matthew Dolan
Kristian Linus
am i the only one who is shoked of the oil and casoline going in to the pond where they are swimming like wtf are they thinking
Bethany Bolton
He has a pointless blog top on
MaceyTheLionLover xXx
+RomanAtwoodVlogs I'd love it if you went over to the video of when you found out the sad news about Zeus and find the comment I posted even though it's doubtful you'd find but I did it yesterday (17th august) xxx love you all💜
MaceyTheLionLover xXx
I absolutely love how romans wearing Alfie deyes merch xxx LOVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY SO MUCH X
cheetah tiger
am i the only one who thinks all new born babies looks the same
monsterbuilder 123
Timia Crawford
I think the bike will start
Hacks from Maya maya
Nadia Gomez
It will start
Hadley Good Rider
yes it is
the kings ok savages
Yes but not that very good
Thomas Crooks
I say yes
CharmingKittyButt 25
Sean .E
All of that gasoline leaked in to your pond
Sean .E
I'm trying so hard to get a smile more fidget spinner
Carlos Ortiz
Marius 'Valderhaug
Ur end is boring everytime roman😕
nathan 1234
Amber Monteith
Yes you can
Princess101 Puppy lover
Morgan Knickerbocker
Anis Fairburn
Sometimes we could only yearn for such a loving father.This family is happy and I wish I will be this happy someday.😘😘
yes it is going to work
Adrian's Gaming
You have to get that german shepeard it would be good for the vlogs and for you!!❤
Terror Snow[May Come Back Soon]
David Orozco
Anthony Castro
Yes its gonna run/start
xXsailormadeXx Peters
We have to change that water now completely drain it
xXsailormadeXx Peters
When you get the bike out you had either take it to a bike shop so they can clean it out you got to clean the engine out you going to make I'm sure the gas is drained of all the water the oils drain of all the water everything is clean and your right would be good
Abin Saji
You should do a tidy hat
FaceNation !!!
To the company whom
Made this bike, about time a company makes a reliable/durable bike!!! That just shows you they made an amazing bike, it was submerged underwater for days. To the company who made this bike could you please send me one too. And I will market the hell out of that bike it's all about networking please message me through YouTube so you can send me one too. And I promise I will make you some sells here in VA.
Thank you if you will
Karlee. Dancer
No it's not gonna start
Joel Chaffee
I think it will start
Meghan Ansani
I think it will tun
The awesomeness
Jacob Noel
It is going to run
Aiden Hall
Thomas Howard
Yes bike
Rebecca Rhodes
Yes it will
BoyWonder's Gaming
She goin to run
bbryannaa_ M
Emma Craft
I think it will run
Angel mendez
“Solid liquid popsicles”😂😂😂👌
Dachshund Dude
What is a "solid liquid popsicle" 😂
I'm just messing with you love your vids!
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