Every Donald Trump Cameo Ever

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...that's a lot of Trump.

Let's all pay attention to the planet's most notorious, unabashed multi~media whore ... that's right ... it's malignant narcissist, tiny dancer, impotent, evil manchild (NOT my president and yours not for long!) Donald "John" Trump.
OMG, how the heck did I missed these!?!?!?! XD LOL
Joseph Montante
3:18 though and he becomes the 45th president
Alexander Reynolds
...when Hollywood & the entertainment industry loved him for his money & same old corky attitude. He hasn't changed, except now he's calling them out for how they play the masses.
karwin chau
Can’t believe he actually became president..
Barbarossa Von Oberschlesien
Jaw dropping ending xD
Scott Klemp
Choke on your fucking fucking money, PIMP!!!
The HighFlyer34
Too much Trump
gayer than ever...
Ethan Gengler
“Excuse me sir, where’s the main wall? Down the wall and to the left.”
Super Spyro7956
Tim Curry and Donald Trump in a movie together (home alone 2)? W o w
That man is a God
Maloney Bologna
Down the hall and grab em by the pussy
1:22 Donald Trump and Marty McFly join forces for Back to the Future 4?
Thabet Muhsen
Last scene was disturbing
God, they should make this guy president
STinky DOg
Donald trump is on the wwe???
Jason Raines
funny how hollywood sought him for cameo's and everyone was his friend - including hillary clinton " look it up" until he ran against her.
Oh the irony of the last clip. Is that Kathy Griffin ?!
I'm a David
I'm just waiting for a Trump cameo on one of the stupid Disney Sitcoms so he can lighten up those shit stains of tv comedy.
Vivian James
You forgot the First Wives Club I think
Orrico Adventures
0:32 "Are you bagging her?" -President of the United States
Unoriginal Username
Does the Simpsons count?
Uncle Kraken
It's funny how liberals and the media loved Donald Trump... until he ran for president.
Madison Clifton
Legit just realized that was him in Home Alone today.
Joshua Kurutu
At least if trump gets impeached he has a job in the acting business
nothing realer than a Steeler
“ Mr. Trump where are your tax returns? “
“ what about Hilary’s emails ! “
“ Mr. trump answer the question “
“ fake new fake news fake news “
So why the fuck is Hollywood crying over this guy being the President, they have propped him up since forever!
I wonder if he had the symptom permanentlysuittophis
Jimmy Butler
Down the hall & grab em by the pussy
Rafael Osorio
It's the Donald OMG
Fee Lynn
Trump is a good president.
Boa Sky
I did not know Donald Trump was in fresh prince of bel air nanny little rascals and home alone
This video but every time trump is shown it turns UGLY BIGLY*

*The negative filter increases 20.16% and the audio becomes deafening with very high bass every time he speaks.
I hope his presidency is a cameo, too
NorCal Rider
Mr. Trump gets these cameos in movies as one of the terms for allowing to film on a property he owns. Genius.
NorCal Rider
Wow... Who is the girl at 2:40?
Wow, Donald Trump was in Home Alone at 2:46. You can see a model Melania at 2:38 in Zoolander, and ex wife Marla Maples at 0:14 in Fresh Prince of BelAir. He appeared in many old films, and I only know now... lol
If you don't like Trump I'll openly debate you right here, anyone?
I dont like his cameo as the president of the USA
Richard Kostuik
What about Ghosts Can't Do It?
Acer -A
lmao no one had a problem with donald trump until he became president, then everyone started hating him
He’s like a tumour that’s keeps coming back
sea deep
"Our Next President"
Pretty funny in hindsight.
Addcond5 MC
2:01 four more years possibly eight, bud.
little Antonio 5005
... Umm ok
Into the butt, Shrek Senpai
Am I the only one who didn't even know who Trump was before the election
I'm ashamed that my nickname is Waldo...
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