Mr. GreenGamer blur
#PrayForManchester im so worried about ariana and everyone i hope everyone is ok :(
Giannos Rafailidis
stupid killers
Thedoctor 559DW
I wish I could see the look of the bombers face when he finds out allah isnt real at the gates of heaven.
Muslims are not a race, they are a disgrace.
LpsBlossom. Official
I'm so done with these people bombing us! Like get a life!
Maemae Ong
Scarlett Sweetdotter
My sister's friend's friend, almost died during this. She was at the snack bar after the concert. If she didn't go to the snack bar, she would've died. ;-; I feel SO bad for this. D:
Star Wars: The Religion of Peace Strikes Back!
Sierra Wood
Does Ariana even care for little kids??
Haika zubair
Sad and 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Demi Stefi
you reap what you sow, so stop bitchin' about it.
David Oleynik
That Concert was a blast!
Tahirah LeDoux
People these days are so mean and I wish I could stop it
Courtney Holding
i agree
I feel bad for Ariana Grande and her fans
XxCrystal GemLovexX
I feel so sorry for ari's concert
the muslim ban is needed
Unicorn Vlogs
Please take your time to exit the building; everyone swarms out
Victoria Roseden
Madelynn Patterson
wow why would they do that

People kept mentioning that ISIS is Islam so all Islam(Muslim) are terrorists. You say Al-Quran teached Muslim to kill people and to torture people. You say Muslim has no humanity. You say Islam is not a religion but a group to make the world end. But you didn't say one important thing, Muslim is human, human have a heart. If you read the Al-Quran, there are many fake one these days, and if you read the real one, you will need to know the whole story. You can't simply make a fact just by reading the short version of the story. And let me say this, ALL TERRORIST ARE MUSLIM BUT NOT ALL MUSLIM ARE TERRORIST. Why I say that? Because!!!! Yes, because the worst terrorist were Muslim but there are many other Muslim that doesn't support terrorist too. The terrorist also attack Muslim, so why must other Muslim join them? Every human has their own mind and their own heart! They went to the bad side by themselves and not because of their believe. I can say that because I am a True Muslim and I have never even ONCE! thought about supporting the terrorists but I want to make them PERISH from this world. I'm commenting this not to protect the terrorist but to protect my religion! Why should only Islam being the worst religion when there are many other terrorist with different religion. you might not also know that some of the terrorist are not even Islam but they disguise as one to make people hate Islam. You will never know someone heart until you hear it out.

“…if any one killed a person, it would be as if he killed the whole of mankind; and if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole of mankind…”
The Holy Quran (Chapter Five, Verse 32).
Real Muslims don't kill anyone even bugs. ISIS is not Muslim, they believe in a different faith.
Jayden Kennedy
no but the guy killed his self with the bomb the guy was intelligent because he wanted to show them how it feels it was only 1 person you done it they are teaching kids iswell
Safah Noor
It's so terrible what's happening in the UK atm. I'm from London and am devastated, especially as a British Muslim. People think that all Muslims are terrorists but we are not! Infact those terrorists have no idea what religion they are following because Islam does not teach people to harm others at all! It teaches that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and those who harm others will be punished in the hell fire. So just so u know they are not Muslims in any shape or form. Just know that they will be punished and will rot in hell.
I'm sick of feeling scared to leave the house especially for my mother who wears a hijab, scared of people thinking that we are terrorists.
Daniel Loh
allahuakbar dead to the infidel long live the ISIS and fuck u Mohammad
Ashok W Smith
so sad 🙁😔
ishpreet sarabjitgulati
Omg gosh shiiiit
I can't this people in 2017 man! #pray4everyonewhodied
ngawang palmo
This is foolish !
Seher Raouf Samadi
To all the Muslims out there stand together. People who died in that bombing, I am truly heartbroken. I am even more heartbroken to find out there has been ANOTHER attack on London Bridge. I am heartbroken because so many people died and because I think they were Muslims to.
Seher Raouf Samadi
That is it! I am Muslim. I am proud and I will not let other people judge Muslims for one Muslims mistake! We Muslims represent our selves! One Muslim does not represent the entire community. My prayers are with the people who died in that bombing. I am proud to be Muslim. I trust you so are you willing to trust me or judge me and not trust me because of one Muslim's mistake. Ari was not at fault here. Apparently the bomber was going to become an uncle. And for the last time. We all represent ourselves. To all the other Muslims out there. If you are one of the people doing these wrong things, please, please,please stop. If you aren't then stand up for yourself and don't let any body judge you or your family or even your religion. Be brave and be proud that you are Marshall a a Muslim. Stand together and be strong. Always remember, be as strong as the wind and never as weak as the leaves. Be proud and never ever regret that you are a Muslim. Everyone has flaws. No one is perfect. Be strong and stand strong together. Like lots of birdies in a nest, more birdies together make it the best
Robloxian Angel
Im scared cause my aunt uncle and cousin are going to Manchester
true voice
Esperanza Avelino
I feel really bad for these people 😥😥😥
Audrey Rowe
That person that set the bomb has no heart or feelings.I feel SO bad for the kids,teens, and adults. Why would they set a bomb that would kill and injure people? Everyone please prey for everyone included😭🙏🏻💔
Veronica •3•
#PrayForManchester #PrayForLondon Rip I hope you're flying high in the skies looking over all of us...All will be miss </3
Esme Foster
I am devastated for what happened Ariana is so brave it's not her fault the stupid idiot that set of the bomb should have just jumped of a bridge not attack our beloved family Love you Manchester ❤️❤️❤️ like if you agree
Amaria Branch
what happened
Albert Junior
Adama Mustapha-Garba
Can I just say, Give this comment a thumbs up if you DO KNOW that not every muslim is bad, There are really terrible terrorist yes, but Think about the other GOOD muslims who also feel ...embarassed I mean....They dont have anything to do with this. When they talk about it in school and everyone looks at you....We didnt kill anyone?
beril şevval bekret
Bastards. Whoever did this. Condolences to anyone who lost someone. I am truly sorry.
Dark Sark23
amen to the injured and dead 😢😢😢
Trouble Msp
Trouble Msp
Trouble Msp
Music goals
Madison Perry
I feel bad for those people who payed money for their tickets and then just died it is just unbelievable and so devastated hopefully nothing like this happens again and if it does it is just unbelievable.People was running from everywhere and think if our family went and how would we feel😣😣😣😣😣
Laura Correa
I love you💖💖
Josette K. Esquivel
robert ward
If they would of done what Trump said, if any one sets a bomb of there whole family gets sent back to the country there family was from, and that means the whole family everyone in that family all there relations to, it will make them think about setting bombs of, if there family got to be sent to were they come from, even if they were born here they get sent to were there parents were born,
Please share this video.
jeff smith
I was there I suvived
Pablo Velazquez
I fe el bad about all the perplejo trata die 😭🤧😱🙏🏻
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