Ronaldo Fenomeno vs Roma Legends HD Home (11/06/2017)

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Title: Ronaldo Fenomeno vs Roma Legends HD Home (11/06/2017)
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What a player he was, and you can see that he still got it. ;)
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Альмира Кыдырманова
what or who was the moment of silence for?
Duli Tuil
The big fat ronaldo is the best of the world and soccer
Liem Pham
Mr_FuckerChanel Master
ronaldo fat
Elliuth Cesin
Ronaldo Nazario el verdadero Ronaldo el mejor delantero que he visto.
lukilla98 YT
estas gordo wacho
jason H. Zeger
he is only 40 and only 9 years older than come he left footbal that soon?Maldini played pro till his 43
Mark Garduno
Ronaldo, Enorme!
Fénix HS
Phillip Falcão
The best of all the times
Still looks in good shape
Pamela Bonilla
bestia si cristiano ronaldo a sido gordoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
tanpa nama
Tq,love u all forever,all the best
melanin capable
Nigga been hitting them big macs looool
Offi Atter
What a player he was. Returning to the football after 2 years lay off due to injury and won the world cup. Fenomeno!
dogas 21
the only ORIGINAL ronaldo is him!!!
WTF is he so fat lol?? that is not a good way to look . when you were a pro player . that is so shame
Daniel Alexander
Wow si esta gordo ronaldo
Захар Грищенко
Роналдо журдяй шляется по вечиринках
Valentin Aguilera
no es el verdadero partido
Moussa Diomande
today he has a position in Corinthians - current Brazilian champion
Valentina Lopez
Si esta bueno
He’s so fat I feel sorry for him here... he can’t play at all like the others
Why ronaldo is so fat
juan CR Cr Juan
Que comio wtf
Thang Tran
I want big ..hix
Born Legend
watching this video i am kid again---
Fisherman Henry
Where's Rivaldo, did someone eat him?
Michael Ballack
Este es el verdadero Ronaldo, no el charlatán de cretino ronaldo.
Best YT
Is that schmicel
Khaled Allo
Khaled Allo
Ronaldo Messi Dibala reckitich Neymar suric
Muhammed Salman
R9 was not playing well when he used 2 in his own days
like a star
Future of c .ronaldo
เแ๋กกวสก สกสกสกกน
Zombie vz
Ronaldo played so much football that he is a ball,he is so much fat shit
i'm sundanese
Merinding liat ronaldo
Marco Antonio Barrales Aispuro
Torres9 Nothing
Probably the least hated Superstar in history of Football. Back the in 90's ,there was Jordan&Tyson in USA and there was Ronaldo in EU and SA.
Mr Commentator
What an absolute legend...sad to see him this overweight tho
Fajrin Hadi Brata
one pack legend, my favorite player .. the phenomenon
Fajrin Hadi Brata
Cường Nguyễn
Tuy da zao hu nhug rat dong khan za dung la dam me the thao
The Awakening Channel
Gaining that much weight is usually a sign of depression
Javi Ramos
2:37 Mola mucho narrar estos nombres jajaja que crack
tâm anh
Manny M
The football brain is still as sharp as ever.. But the body wasn't having it lol! For me, he is the best striker that has ever played the game.
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