Google Home: Celebrity

Googlegoogle homegoogle assistant

This is Google Home. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It might make you feel like a bit of a celebrity. Or just someone who enjoys being treated like one. Learn more at

This Is Every White Girl In A Nutshell
Fallout Kalle
Why are there so many negative comments? Guys EVERY ANDROID SMARTPHONE AND TABLET already sends your data to Google! This assistant does nothing more! I really like her, because she's very human. And she DOESN'T want to rule the world or kill you. Terminator isn't real. Get over it!
Google. Making you pay extra money for something your phone can already do since Google Home.
Nellie Hoyle
I made a review of this!! I hope it does it justice!
Allie Camacho
that moment when the add befor a youtube video activates your google assitant on your phone... 😂
Michael Madison
whenever I watch this my phone puts milk on my shopping list
Google mentioned Cleveland by name? What alternate dimension is this?
Steve S
Jewgle, how do I stop the chosen race from spying on me?
Please admire my
next hear ggl
Wolf Fortright
Hey guys how do I stop google from sending me video ads, I keep reporting them, and keep them blocked, but google keeps breaking my privacy, and sends me ads.
منوعات حول العالم
Please join me and subscribe to Uusin Apple Eid channel
Bhola Pandit
Cangül Halıcı
Raymond Allen
hey Dennis it Raymond d the homeless valet call me I see u got ur url great thanks I'm the feature show I told u hit me upI need ur help Rthv
Rosana Fernandes
Sanitas la ta mata
I think I would stay to the Alexa #ripoffs
Wrenn Jack
You can do it with amazon echo
Vedant Ghadi
I want hey google instead of ok google!!
Aiden Pearce
10/10, i can make it call me Beyonce.
Rafael Sucino
que ya es hora de que habrán los ojos que va hacer de nuestros hijos y nietos habló de todos los españoles y sin distinción de razas somos humanos
Rafael Sucino
pues mas claro la Unión hace a las fuerzas como a los ciudadanos se conciencian como lo están asiendo sin miedo
sergio costa
y have now Portuguese language please
robby ray
when she said ok Google my phone went off
Anila Veizi
Rosy C
gma news
Julea Freed
Want to hear Godsmack group
Najah Haj
غيحي معا
Lola Loud
I want Alexa more no offense but Alexa came out first and it's cheaper
elizabeth gutierrez
Geometry Dash Zentria
What is this, the new Siri?
Me vs her /by cousin s
Inez De Jesus
Introduction y variaciones en un team por Mozart classic guitar lesson
cegj 1968
Don't buy this, u hear me
William Cocks
The NJ Society
Introducing Google Home- a copy of Alexa.
Adolf Heidinkoff
"Hey NSA can cats have pancakes?"
MD Hollywood
On the bathroom floor where it belongs!! 😂
Who else came here from google gnome?
Delling Conley
OK google, disband your company and go way forever
Dale Allen
not interested ! fock off
Queen Heavenly
I asked Google was she's my friend and she said yes :)
antoine washington
0:20 who tf has a flight to cleveland?
the ultimate big brother spy for your home! buy em up sheeple
Audrey Barbour
Joseph Doherty
this is George Orwell. 1984
brandon caruso
I know this has nothing to do with the video but I just want to say. God loves you so much and wants to have a relationship with you:) your very special in God's heart. God would never give up on you no matter what. Also God can help you in times of need and comfort you in times of need. Jesus Christ is the son of God and died on the cross and rose from the dead so whoever believes in him may not perish but have eternal life though him. We are all sinners and are in for a savior. I respect all belifts and people could believe what ever they want. I'm not trying to push my faith on anyone, I just love to share it. I have a video called God loves all:message, if your insterstead. Also if you have questions about God or want me to pray for anything I'm here. God bless your hearts and I hope you have a great and wonderful rest of your year!
Ewin George
Homepod is coming guys
I'm dat Guy
I'm poor
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