STAR WARS 8: New Clip + Trailer (2017)

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Here is a Behind the Scenes Clip from Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi

Connor Jordan
If michael bay directed star wars only one thing would happen

jack william
Dednerso da Capitinga
Podiam restaurar a trilha sonora original de John Williams, essas versões alteradas tiram a essência dos filmes.
Jeffery Soldan
This looks awesome!!!
Belal Herbawi
R. A.
Absolutely great. Well done, i am so looking forward to see it. :)
jack t
let me guess rey turns to the dark side, kylo turns to the light and luke dies
houseofshine 93
Paul Speed
‘Kylo failed you, I won’t ‘ Rey talking to Snoke! ‘Fulfill your destiny!’ Snoke to Rey. ‘When I found you...’ a baby cry can be heard, Rey! Kylo is targeting Snokes ship.
NJ Enslow
For those of you working on cosplay outfits from The Last Jedi, if you pause at 2:33 you get a clear shot of Fin and Rey from head to toe.
João Luis Ramalho
2:11 What Is That Animal? How is SOOOO CUTE 😍😍😍
Thomas Anderson
Kriss Kross
would take a genius to make it worse than TFA.
I'm really not sure about the pingouin...
Steve Johnson
Even Mark Hamill noticed there was perfect opportunities to make these Star Wars movies excellent and Directors and writers just shit all over it. Killing off Han Solo, Lukes intro at the end instead of during Kylo and Rey fight, even a surprise showing Han Solo never dieing. These are the things that can make a movie magnificent.
Dan Dagon
rey killed star wars. fuck rey.
Lisa Kuehl
Carrie Fisher
Background Song: Twelve Titans Music - From The Ashes Reborn
dennis papadatos5
Constuctive Critisism
wookiee should have grey hair starting ... he looks younger now than he did in a new hope .. 30/40 years ago
Frank Esposito
Maybe the Jedi will be brought up on Harrasment charges....then is over.... .
. . . . .. ... .. .. . . . . .
So when luke says it is time for the jedi to end...i feel like he says more there...all physical clues, all editing clues, all trailer tricks considered...i think he is caught off and he actually goes on to say:...”
balaban alexandru
the cat women is here.xena win with force.... .
veloci 8080
1t'S TiM3 fOR tHe JeDi to 3Nd
kenza durand
Live train awful reject fix high adolescent normal youth.
Due to Disney's unjust and greedy business practices. I will not be seeing this movie in theatres
Dace I
What is up with all this politically correct movies!
Pooploser 075
Episode 7: The force awakens
Episode 8: The last jedi
Episode 9: Jk another jedi lol
Episode 10: Im not even trying anymore gimme money
Nicky the Fish
Can't. Can not wait.
Huricane Flash - Fast gameplays, Reviews, & Extras
So they already were shooting the last jedi when carrie fisher was alive? I thought she was Cgi’d in rogue one and here too!
Richard Martin
We'll be the judge of the story and whether it's right or not.
Listen, firstly I have nothing against to feminines to be main role on Star Wars 8, but after watching the trailer, I don't want to buy a ticket and watch Star Wars 8 for almost 2 hours and at the end I will see and predict a woman as Jedi with force and light saber training to beat up a man as Sith with strong force and dark side! That ending will be no convincing and won't make me have a feeling of seeking ending excitement to me at all! Unlike the previous Star Wars movies by Lucas, they were all excitement at the end of movie for audiences to seek! And Yes! You are right! I am a man and I was naturally born to be one of the star wars fans audiences and grew up with them! One more thing, please do not make Star Wars to promote feminism! Disney could do the other movies but not in Star Wars movies!!! I just can't accept it because if like that, one day it could have also turned out to be some kind of Rocky 6 movie and at the end Rocky would have fought with a woman on boxing stage?! Come on! Disney, please give back to Lucas to be in charge of Star Wars story and production which had disappointed me on Star Wars 7 and Rogue One already! Please save Star Wars! And please Disney don't turn Star Wars to the dark side!
Рафис Фахрутдинов
Ted Bates
Rian didn't write anything. Lucas Arts told him what to do and he said yes Ma'am. They (Disney) had it figured out the day they bought the franchise.
Veronica Olsen
🔴 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie' ✅
The Watcher
Fiorenza Agazzi
Finn: "She has yellow hair, blue eyes, she's the tallest woman you've ever seen"
The hound: "Brienne of fucking Tarth?!"
Saurabh Singh
star ass wars
Aquarismo Avançado HydraWorks
worst shit movie ever made
Spoiler alert!!!!!

Eggs aren't vegetables
Hopeless Lover
If that guy was saying i didn't know my wookie sounds, I'd say get out of here! Your fired! I'll get Will Smith or another good black actor. They say Hayden's acting was bad, that guy sucks! In episode 2 Hayden blew me away with the tusken raider scene and the following. I could almost swear his anger, frustration, and tears where genuine!
Trailer Parody: XD
Jessica Painem
🔴 Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017) Movie' ✅
Ronnie Jones
I didn't see last one and I'm dam sure I'm not seeing this either!
Csilla Gyöngyösi
I'm happy to see Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher again. All my compassion and respect for Carrie, She will miss to us. God bless Carrie.
For me Luke (Mark Hamill) has always meant the heart of Star Wars and all the goodness and force he has represented, he was my favorite, it's great to see him again.
Star Wars 8: First Order Strike back

Star Wars 9: Return of the sith
Alex Senpai
Will Supreme Leader Snoke say “Do it?” XD
Star Dragon
I get so emotional every time I watch this
Star Dragon
It's so beautiful
kill off the old best actors and bring in new fail actors = this will be shit like the last
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