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This was a live jam accompanied by the incredibly talented Suyana performed for the beautiful people at Heart Culture Festival 2017 in Austria. None of this music was pre-arranged, I had groups of clips and created the arrangements out of those clips on the fly in response to the energy of the moment. The vibe was incredibly special, people really tuned in and offered us the opportunity to dive deep into experimentation and to let things flow effortlessly from the heart. These loops are parts of tracks I have been working on and all the music is unreleased except for the remix I did for Lannka - but the version here is unique to the moment and not in the same form as the released version. *All of these tracks are now released except for Shiva Shambo which still only exists as loops.

Here is the set list of the different song loop packs we explored along this journey:
Shante Ishta (written by Suyana)
Prophecy (written by Nalini Blossom)
Shiva Shambo
Liquid Bloom - Roots of the Earth (Mose Remix)
Lannka - Wanderlust (Mose Remix)
Liquid Bloom - Fire Gathering (Mose Remix)
Raise Your Voice (written by Suyana)

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Powerful Detox Music | 528Hz Cleansing Energy | Meditative Relaxing Music | Positive Healing Powerful Detox Music - 528Hz Balancing Energy - Relaxing Meditative Music - Positive Healing Tones with the 528Hz Solfeggio Frequency. Allow yourself to drift along with this relaxing, cleansing and healing music. Breathe, smile, let go and feel free...If only for a few moments...In those moments of presence...You may find deep peace, freedom and clarity...Or maybe it will inspire, encourage and lift you to new levels of happiness and fulfillment...Take good care of yourself, Precious Soul.

Music tuned to 528Hz. Combined with the 741Hz solfeggio frequency.
Music copyright: Miracle Tones Meditation

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If you are looking for high-quality Healing Meditation Music with a license to use on your business-related projects (YouTube, apps, etc.) — then you can find that here:

🔹528Hz Music 🔹
Resonates inside our body, releases emotional blockages and expands our consciousness. 528Hz allows us to tune into the wisdom of the Universe, Divine Intelligence, and our Soul. It creates Unity instead of separation. It expands our hearts and makes us more compassionate and loving. One thing is for sure. A person who resonates with love have inner peace – and this is the starting point for a world where we live in Unity, Peace and Harmony with each other and Mother Earth.

🔹Miracle Tones Meditation 🔹
Know that you are Appreciated and Always Welcome here. We are here to be of service to you and to our world by sharing High Vibrational Healing Frequency Music charged with Loving Intentions. Supporting you wherever you are on your journey. Co-Creating and Enhancing Peace, Love, and Happiness in your life, and the millions of people connecting with us.

All our music is tuned to 432Hz and 528Hz Miracle Tones that Heal, Change and Transform low vibrational energy (negative energy). Encouraging your body to purge and let go of what is no longer needed on a mental, emotional and physical level. Recharging the LIGHT within you. Activating and Upgrading your cells and your consciousness. Opening up your Heart. Expanding and sharpening your Awareness. When you Raise Your Vibration you also help to raise the collective vibration of our beautiful planet and all life on it. We are all One. One Heart. One Love. We live in a unique and important era. You matter. You are important. You are important to this planet. You are valuable. Your presence and energy make a difference. You are a beautiful expression of Life. Let´s shine together, Magnificent Soul.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” - Rumi

💛Infinite Love & Gratitude to All 💛

Beautiful SOUTH AFRICA Chillout & Lounge Mix Del Mar Listen Free

Let's take a trip to beautiful South Africa! Capetown and the famous Table Mountain are real sight to behold, truly outstanding. Remember to share with a friend : )

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00:00 Djibooti - Shadows and voices (tom tom mix)
08:13 Cocogroove - Forgotten jungle (swazi mix)
16:24 Panafrican Project - Mystique raindance (ethno cut)
24:06 Zina Rao feat.Chillwalker - Spiritual dreams (mystic vocal mix)
29:28 Djibooti - Nomads (Ritual Mix)
37:04 Afrocanado - Manmademan (mystic mountains cut)
42:56 Noise Boyz - Tender Falls the Rain (Steeldrums Mix)
49:21 Djibooti - Massai land (red view mix)
55:15 Panafrican Project - Kalahari Silence (Dark Sand Mix)
01:01:39 Afrocanado - In the Evening (Velvet Dundown Mix)
01:07:22 Kid Coconutz - Cinematic Grooves (Afroelectric Mix)
01:13:05 Noise Boyz - Flirting shadows (ethnovoice mix)
01:18:31 Bay Area - Tropical spirit (h2o mix)
01:25:23 Afrocanado - Drifting away (jungle mix)
01:31:42 Silent Voices - Ethnic summer chill (original mix)
01:36:34 Orange Music - For a Little Moment (Afrosteel Caribic Mix)
01:42:49 The Man Behind C. - Secret combination (nightingale mix)
01:49:09 The Gentle Spirit - Queen of rainforest (nature mix)
01:55:30 Djibooti - Cheethas (Fire Ritual Mix)
02:01:25 The Gentle Spirit - Emerald lagoon (ethno space mix)

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Vintage Reggae 80's Café - Playlist 2020 Check our Hottest & Most Followed playlists right now:
Vintage Reggae 80's Café - Playlist 2020
00:00 I Want To Know What Love Is - Sublime Reggae Kings Feat. Luca Giacco
03:29 As - Natty Bong & Michelle Simonal
06:41 I´ll Be There For You - Sarah Menescal
09:59 The Final Countdown - Groove Da Praia
13:51 Still Loving You - Freedom Dub
17:20 Walk Of Life - United Rhythms Of Brazil & Shirley Adamson
20:49 Still Got The Blues - Vintage Reggae Soundsystem & Luca Giacco
24:29 The Guns Of Brixton - The Reggister's
28:29 Self Control - Sublime Reggae Kings
32:44 Drive - Luca Giacco
36:15 Higher Love - Natty Bong
40:09 Where Is My Mind - Sarah Menescal
43:22 Don't Dream Its Over - Urban Love
47:40Careless Whisper - The Reggister's & Natty Bong
51:49 Strange Love - Sublime Reggae Kings
54:51 Wicked Game - Jamaican Reggae Cuts
58:24 Another Day In Paradise - Luca Giacco
01:02:56 Misunderstanding - Vintage Reggae Soundsystem & Natty Bong
01:05:31 Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Jamaican Reggae Cuts
01:10:33 Tonight - Trippynova
01:13:45 Every Breath You Take - Vintage Reggae Soundsystem
01:18:07 Beds Are Burning - Bristol Love
01:22:44 I Will Always Love You - Natty Bong
01:26:20 Take On Me - General Soundbwoy
01:30:52 I'll Be There For You - Groove Da Praia
01:35:34 Needles And Pins - Trippynova
01:38:11 Mystify – Dualbox Feat. Luca Giacco
01:42:43 Lanterna Dos Afogados (DJ Leao Reggae Mix) - Sarah Menescal
01:45:46 Toy Soldiers - Groove Da Praia
01:50:43 Every Time You Go Away - Jamaican Reggae Cuts
01:55:45 Some Guys Have All The Luck - Natty Bong
01:59:19 When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring) - Beluga's Trio Feat. Luca Giacco
02:02:59 Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - The Reggister's
02:05:47 Sweet Dreams - Natty Bong
02:08:40 Heroes - Stereo Dub
02:12:02 I Get Weak - Luca Giacco
02:16:32 Policy of Truth - Shelly Sony
02:20:26 Nikita - Bristol Love
02:24:32 Take My Breath Away - Sublime Reggae Kings
02:28:32 Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Bristol Love

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Mose - Cacao Dance @ Eagles Nest Atitlán The SunSet Cacao Dance @ Eagle's Nest Atitlán is an ecstatic dance inspired community event guided by Mose on the shores of the majestic Lake Atitlán, Guatemala.

Eagles Nest Atitlán
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This is a live set filmed in December, 2019. The journey starts just before sunset with a simple cacao ceremony to set intentions and drop deeper into presence and inner silence. Cacao (the main ingredient in chocolate) helps to open the heart and provides energy in the form of theobromine, literally meaning "food of the Gods". In honor of worldwide Ecstatic Dance guidelines, the group is led into a space of silence through the rest of the event with the intention to deepen the experience and allow each individual to connect more deeply inside while honing the ability to connect with others through eye contact and movement. The participants are asked to refrain from consuming any other substances and no alcohol is served with the intention to tap into deep states of consciousness without the need of hard drugs and the inebriation of alcohol.

The music starts slowly to invite people into their bodies as they feel inspired, while allowing others to stay seated in meditation or contemplation. The music slowly builds through the experience and peaks with full ecstatic movement. The wave then washes over with a slower more spacious energy to drop deeper into spaciousness and introspection until finally ending lying on the ground with soft ambient music to hold the space for integration and grounding.

There are many of us now all around the world who can attest to the depth of experience available to us on a dance floor surrounded by beautiful, free spirited, open hearted people. Combine that with the magic of cacao and breathtaking scenery and you have a recipe for magic.

*The normal guidelines include the prohibition of cameras and cell phones in the dance space to nurture a space of freedom and to let go of our need to document and share all of our experiences. For this particular event we made an exception in hopes to give a glimpse into this expansive world.

About the Space:
Set near the shores of renowned Lake Atitlán (Guatemala), Eagle’s Nest is a distinguished intentional hosting space for events, retreats, residencies, community hosting, workshops & summits. With a focus on movement arts (yoga, aerials, acrobatics, circus, dance) to foster well-being, guests are invited to explore, experiment and soar beyond! Groups of up to 24 can be hosted on-site for retreats, whilst up to 200 participants for events.

*You can help support our local community of indigenous mayan people during these tough times. Events like this one and tourism in general is at a stand-still and is having a big impact on the local economy here. Check out this gofundme created by a dear brother of our community to help those most in need:*

What is a "Live Set"?
This set was performed live. I have a collection of loops he has produced/recorded/gathered through my various collaborations which I mix live along with instrumentation and vocals from my friends who joined me for this event. The loops are all from completed tracks but due to the live nature of the set, the tracks manifest in a totally new and unique way according to the energy of the moment and the weaving of the collaborators. It allows for a degree of improvisation and feedback just not possible with a regular DJ set.

Track List
The Hanuman Project - Semilla Pura (Mose Remix)
Sam Garrett & Mose - Om Ganesha
Lunar Symphony & Mose - Déjame Caer
Curawaka - Te Nande (Mose Remix)
The Hanuman Project - Radhe 54 (Mose Remix)
Matia Kalli & Mose - Cura Corazón
The Hanuman Project & Mose - Vem Mae Natureza
Poranguí - Tonantzin (Mose Remix)
Raio - Cuñac (Mose Remix)
Sam Garrett & Mose - Higher (Heartbeat Mix)


Matia Kalli (The Hanuman Project)
Pavan (The Haunuman Project)

Karavan Sarai (oud, saz, vocals)
Kulam Project (percussion, vocal effects)
Yemanjo (trumpet)

Plaga Studios

Anti Logic Mastering

Momentom Collective


Anna Merel

And of course thanks to my incredibly supportive familia of friends in San Marcos, all of the travelers who come through here from all around the world, and all of the local Mayan residents for welcoming us onto this land.
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Bossa Nova Covers 2020 - Cool Music Check our Hottest & Most Followed playlists right now:
Bossa Nova Covers - Cool Music
00:00 The Sea (Bossa Nova Mix) - Amazonics
03:29 Overprotected – Ituana
06:57 Back Down South (Bossa Nova Mix) - Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza
09:42 One Of These Nights - James Farrelli & Ituana
12:55 King Of Pain - Stereo Dub
16:50 Roads - Urban Love & Ivette Moraes
19:42 The Tide Is High - Cassandra Beck
23:05 When The World Is Running Down - BossArt Ensemble, Os Alquimistas & Natascha
26:08 Take It Easy - Jamie Lancaster
29:24 On The Beach - Groove Da Praia, Shelly Sony & Luca Giacco
32:55 The Happy Man - Michelle Simonal
37:24 Little Lies - Luca Giacco master
39:24 Girls Like You - 48th St. Collective Feat. Nikki Ocean
43:13 Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Dinah Eastwood
47:43 Hold On My Heart - The Cooltrane Quartet Feat. Luca Giacco
52:42 Oh L'Amour - Sarah Menescal
55:46 Say Say Say - Eve St. Jones
58:55 I Just Wanna Stop - Michelle Simonal
01:01:18 Our Day Will Come - Brazil XXI Feat. Sixth Finger
01:04:01 Behind Blue Eyes - Amazonics Feat. Michelle Simonal
01:08:05 It`s My Life - Ituana
01:11:29 Cars And Girls - Groove Da Praia
01:16:16 Cryin' - Sarah Menescal
01:19:35 Sure Know Something - 48th St. Collective
01:22:40 As - Natty Bong & Michelle Simonal
01:25:53 Cry For You - Cassandra Beck
01:28:02 Not Fade Away - Scubba & Michelle Simonal
01:31:36 All The Love - Amazonics
01:34:16 I've Been Losing You - Os Alquimistas, Luca Giacco & Anakelly
01:37:28 Lately - Celso Mendes & Julie Benson
01:42:25 What's Up? - Sarah Menescal
01:45:58 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) - Urban Love
01:48:36 Big in Japan - Banda Do Sul Feat. Isa
01:52:57 Smile (Bossa Nova Mix) - Cassandra Beck
01:55:33 More Than I Can Bear - Luca Giacco
01:59:31 Hunting High And Low - Sarah Menescal
02:02:20 Loving You - Amazonics
02:06:28 This Is What You Came For - Michelle Simona
02:09:33 Where Is My Mind? - Sarah Menescal
02:12:45 Take On Me (Electrobossa Mix) - United Rhythms Of Brazil
02:16:46 Valerie - Sao Vicente Feat. Ituana
02:20:28 Reminiscing - Michelle Simonal
02:23:46 Rain Fall Down - Banda Do Sul

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