Marty Jones
Pedro Petracco
David McAnally
This is the best Cocktail Drum Kit i've seen, I like the one in the video beacuse most of the ones i've seen, the snare and tom cover the floor tom. And how the Ride cymbal is attached to the floor tom. Great job by the way, all the best David
Bill Bacon
Very convincing demo.. I have not heard a better sounding cocktail kit.. Thank you for sharing :)
Michael Cherri
kit sounds should take it on the road ; )
how much did this tye of set up end up costing you?
well done!
Scott Smith
That 8" tom sounds freaking great!
Hey, any more info on how to switch up the bass pedal?
Your setup inspired my, just got home with a mounted side snare and have this 16" floor tom, just can't rig the pedal..
Lanky Daze
I was wondering about the kick thats cool never knew that.
Simon Dewar
Hey man, checking out your kit and just converted my 16 inch floor tom. Can't seem to find the lp brackets that you used to mount your snare and tom.. Do you know there exact name?
Radek Šikl
I think it is a great job and althoug it all sounds decent, the snare surprises.. really like it.
kenneth kunie
better than the gp kit!
Nebur Nynhs
which cymbal did you say that was?
You are my newest hero...NICE!
Ross Gillis
Sounds great! I built one very much like this but clamped the snare to the hi-hat stand & the rack tom on the ride/crash stand. That way the pedal can be positioned a bit further away for better footwork.
Great build & kudos to you for designing it to play sitting down!! That standing crap was for the birds.
Colton Hulett
That 8" sounds absolutely unreal.
sounds really good for a "toy" snare drum
It's amazing except the floor tom, is it tuned correctly?
To address the knee in the floortom problem, I positioned the snare back toward myself. So the 16" is a little further forward.
Glenn Michael Thompson
That kit seems to work pretty good for it's size. I found a line of really cool portable kits at epsilon,jimdo,com Worth checking out if you travel a lot...
Slingerland came out with the Xpresso kit in this configuration.I also put together a small kit like this one last year,but didn't like the position of my knee up against the floor tom/bass drum.The Whitney penguin kit has a kick pedal that has an inverted kick pedal that is 90 degrees from the foot pedal.Most likely to deal with the awkward position of the knee.This config can work and is a great idea! A three piece that plays like a 4 piece drum set.There are compromises as you mentioned,but still a cool idea.Cheers!
Rav P
Sick drum kit and sick breakbeats!!
Whole kit sounds amazing, but that floor tom kick simply blows my mind! Sounds better than most "real" kicks I've heard!
Great job ! Need to make one .
Take any dw apart and put the chain drive on backward and position the beater so it rests at about 45 degrees toward the floor.
Arthur Hakhverdian
It actually sounds quite amazing. I'm not a drummer myself but I wish the sample industry would capture this particular sound already. The snare and the bd I'm hearing is exactly what I need.
Hey there! Kit sounds fantastic! I have a tama superstar with fusion sizes and i was wondering if you had any tips for getting your tuning sounding really low and fat on the smaller toms? Do you keep it fairly loose on the top and slightly tighter on the resonator?
sekou lumumba
That 8" sounds like a 10 or 12; great job!
Tomek Machański
Snare sounds really nice! Great idea with the set! :)
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